Alternative History
House of Habsburg
Country Austria, Kingdom of Germany, Holy Roman Empire, Kingdom of Sicily, Kingdom of Naples, Habsburg Spain, Kingdom of Hungary-Kingdom of Croatia, Kingdom of Bohemia, and Kingdom of Portugal
Titles Historically:
  • Holy Roman Emperor
  • Emperor of Austria
  • Emperor of Mexico
  • Emperor of Germany
  • President of the German Confederation
  • King of the Romans
  • King of Germany
  • King of Spain
  • King of Aragon
  • King of Sicily
  • King of Naples
  • King of Castile
  • King of Hungary
  • King of Bohemia
  • King of Croatia
  • King of Portugal
  • King of Dalmatia
  • King of Galicia and Lodomeria
  • King of England
  • Grand Prince of Transylvania
  • Archduke of Austria
  • Grand Duke of Tuscany
  • Duke of Burgundy
  • Duke of Parma
  • Count of Habsburg
Founded 11th century: Radbot, Count of Habsburg
Re-established in 1971
Dissolution 1780
Cadet branches
  • Habsburg-Lorraine
  • Leopoldian line
  • Albertine line
  • Portuguese House of Habsburg

The House of Habsburg-Lorraine is the royal family of Austria, re-established by Karl von Habsburg in 1971. After the Austrian civil war the Habsburgs established themselves once more as the royal family of the nation, creating a new government.

The royal family is often associated with the Austrian Nationalist Party, which supported the family during the war.