House of Habsburg-Lorraine (Night of the Living Alternate History Map Game)

House of Habsburg
Country Austria, Kingdom of Germany, Holy Roman Empire, Kingdom of Sicily, Kingdom of Naples, Habsburg Spain, Kingdom of Hungary-Kingdom of Croatia, Kingdom of Bohemia, and Kingdom of Portugal
Titles Historically:
  • Holy Roman Emperor
  • Emperor of Austria
  • Emperor of Mexico
  • Emperor of Germany
  • President of the German Confederation
  • King of the Romans
  • King of Germany
  • King of Spain
  • King of Aragon
  • King of Sicily
  • King of Naples
  • King of Castile
  • King of Hungary
  • King of Bohemia
  • King of Croatia
  • King of Portugal
  • King of Dalmatia
  • King of Galicia and Lodomeria
  • King of England
  • Grand Prince of Transylvania
  • Archduke of Austria
  • Grand Duke of Tuscany
  • Duke of Burgundy
  • Duke of Parma
  • Count of Habsburg
Founded 11th century: Radbot, Count of Habsburg
Re-established in 1971
Dissolution 1780
Cadet branches
  • Habsburg-Lorraine
  • Leopoldian line
  • Albertine line
  • Portuguese House of Habsburg

The House of Habsburg-Lorraine is the royal family of Austria, re-established by Karl von Habsburg in 1971. After the Austrian civil war the Habsburgs established themselves once more as the royal family of the nation, creating a new government.

The royal family is often associated with the Austrian Nationalist Party, which supported the family during the war.

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