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How many Sixes does Adolf Nazi have to Roll?

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Persons in TTL

So far, just an idea by Max Sinister for a timeline in which Nazi Germany wins World War II - without crashing down after few years already. But done in a realistic way, without Magic, Time Travel, or important persons suddenly and without any motivation acting in a way that helps the Nazis.

The story shall give answers to the big three questions:

  • How did we get there?
  • Why didn't the Nazi Reich come crashing down, despite of all their mistakes?
  • And how the hell do we get rid of it, without wrecking the whole planet Earth?

Current news from this TL are collected here.

Official abbreviation is "How many Sixes" or "HM6".

More background info under Important Questions (incl. Why aren't the Nazis simply nuked?), Glossary, "Victory" conditions and Probabilities and PoDs.

Warning: This won't be like "climbing the Mount Everest of AH", but more like diving into its Marianas Trench.


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