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Hubei was a province of the people's republic of China, racked by famine, the province was a coastal, fishing
Timeline: 1983: Doomsday
Chinese-army Wuhan flag (1911-1928) 19 dots Twelve Symbols national emblem of China
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and agriculture focused area, crops were destroyed and radiation plagued the area, but the republican thoughts that led to the 1911 Wuchang uprising held up and a democracy was reinstated to stabilise the country like the old 1911 Chinese Republic, councils were set up and votes took place on where to farma nd soon with a growing economy and focus on fishing away from bombs, the country prospered, but as a fairly primitive society only using agriculture really, the threat from other powers wanting to destroy the land, which Hubei people love for industry, the national Militia stands guard but internal politics regarding outsiders and machines threatens to pull the country apart and outside armies threaten so submerge it as a part of a dictatorial or bandit C


Hubei was a province, destroyed by the strict agricultural methods implemented by Mao Zedong taking food from their province meant many dead and by 1983 tensions were rising over the famine, the thoughts about nuclear war were coming to a head and when Hubei farmers attempted to gather grain for themselves they were attacked and it was taken, violence continued until doomsday and some gathered food survived, that day many were killed in the unprotected countryside.

After Doomsday

The countryside was wrecked but those who managed to grab food restored, it and planted some of the countryside, originally they hogged it but with raiders approaching and needing an army they gave it to desperate people who joined the militia, with the defeat of raiders a democratic council was created and soon the 2nd Republic of China was created to 'properly' distribute food and supplies, and help with planting and fishing to sustain Hubei, they would expand for more territory but with support from some hungry and desperate bandits the country survived, a democracy in hell.


The government of Hubei is a democratic one elected every year to look after fishing, resources and the local councils, it is an independent system run by local councils headed by farmers and workers to distribute and gather food, the central council is the People's Republican Council of Hubei and China. The government is split between industrialists, a new generation arguing the population is too large and traditionalists arguing on the point of agriculture supplying generations and many countries, they also say it supplies and gives many people work, factories reduce jobs and cause anger they also don't produce food but money, why is that important, they do not use much money in Hubei. The 2019 elections ended with the TVPH party winning but questions about fraud and meandering run high along with violence and tension.

The political parties are the:

Traditional voice party of Hubei, a pro-agriculture party believing in pure food and agriculture and that they only need weapons for defence not lots for attack

The People's voice, a pro industrialisation party arguing the population grows and proper, weapons and trade are needed

The Great Union party, a pro further unity party wanting closer links together for more benefits and pro industry.

The militias and conflict

after the continuous election of the traditionalists, the young populace that has grown in Hubei over the years had caused violence and tension, riots and strikes have sprung up along with militias and the Golden Hubei Terrorist group calling for a greater militarised Hubei with factories to develop and conquer not just survive, they believe the can save more people by conquering not sitting still, after the election of 2019 a bomb went off in the capital of Wuhan causing the small police force to arrest many and spark outrage against the old guard for imprisoning new people and opposition, conflict has developed and riots rock Wuhan and Hubei after the incidents, soldiers are deciding to back the New Hubei Movement or the Old Guard, the New Promise privileges but many are happy with current life and know proper conflict could be death.

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