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A list of jokes in the post-ED world.

Nazi Jokes

3 Babies

Three women – a German, a Jew and a Polack – all gave birth to seven pound baby boys at the same time. The nurses got the babies mixed up somehow and couldn’t tell which baby belonged to which mother. After an hour of mass confusion the father of the German baby decided he would settle the problem.

He walked into the nursery and lined up the three infants in a row. He then clicked his heels, raised his arm in a salute and shouted, “Heil Hitler!” The German baby snapped to attention, the Jewish baby crapped it’s pants and the polish baby played in it!


Have you heard about Hitler’s new microwave oven? It seats 500!


A Nazi walks into a bar carrying a duck under her arm. The bartender says, "HEY! You can't bring that pig in here." The Nazi says, "Excuse me...but that's a duck." The bartender says back, "Excuse ME, but I was talking to the duck."