Hundred Years' Croatian-Ottoman War

1493 with Battle of Krabva Field


1593 with treaty of Biograd na Moru




Croatian conquest of the Balkans


Kingdom of Croatia

Ottoman Turks

Ottoman Empire


Croatian Ban


Ottoman Sultan

Casualties and Losses

The Hundred Years' Croatian-Ottoman War is a conflict that started out as a series of low-intensity conflicts and ended in large scale combat the freed the Balkans from Ottoman rule.

Battle of Krbava Field

9 September 1493

After the fall of the Bosnian Kingdom to the Ottoman Turks in 1463 the Kingdom of Croatia was under constant threat of invasion. In order to stop such invastions the Croats rallied their troops under the command of Ban Emerik Derenčin at Krbava field to lay in wait and trap the Ottomans.

the Ottoman sanjak-bey Hadım Yakup Paşa led his 8000 light cavalry into the Croat trap. Three-thousand Croat heavy cavalry and 8000 infantry made short work of the invading army. About 500 Croats and 6500 Ottomans were killed. The surviving Turks were taken prisoner.

The Early Decades

In 1522 Croatian fortifications  Knin and Skradin were attacked and occupated by Ottoman Empire. Next battle was Battle of Klis in 1524. Croatian leader Petar Kružić won against Ottomans. In 1532 Croatian city Solin won Ottomans with leader Petar Kružić again. But after Petar Kružić's death Ottomans took Klis. In 1526 Ottomans defeated Hungary - Croatian army with leader Ludovik II. That battle was the end for Hungary - Croatia Kingdom. From 1527 Habsburg Monarchy is leader of Croatia and Hungary. In 1540 Ottomas occupied Croatia to Senj.

The Final Years

In 1538 Turkey occupied Požega, Nadin and Vrane. In 1566 Sultan Suleyman II wanted to occupy Vienna but Croatian fortification Sieget was obstacle. Although Turkey won this battle, they became much weaker and they couldn't win Vienna so they stopped occupying it. Croatian leader was Nikola Šubić Zrinjski. He died in this battle like Suleyman II. In 1573 was Battle of Sisak in which Ottomans are defeated and that year is start of Ottomans weakening. Croatian leader Toma Erdödy defeated Ottomans. So 1573 is the year of weakening of the whole Ottoman Empire.

Treaty of Biograd na Moru

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