Alternative History
Magyar ÁllamHungarian State
<----Flag of Hungary 1938
Timeline Split
OTL equivalent Hungarian State
Flag of hungary(sp)
Hungary map
Capital Budapest
Official Language Hungarian
Government Single Party State Dictatorship
Religion Roman Catholic
Prime Minister Ferenc Szalasi
Established 2 March 1936

The Hungarian State (Magyar Állam) was a state formed in 1938 after the National Socialist party, the Arrow Cross, overthrow the kingdom. This state replaced the Kingdom of Hungary (Magyar Királyság) which had preceded it for almost a thousand years. The Arrow Cross leader and Hungarian National Socialist Ferenc Szálasi became the "Nationleader" (Nemzetvezető) and Prime Minister of Hungary. Szálasi was an ardent fascist, and his Quisling government had little other intention or ability but to maintain fascism and control in Hungary.


German War[]

Hungary and Germany had signed a defence pact just before the started. They declared war on Britain on the 20th March.