Free Hungary
Timeline: Principia Moderni IV (Map Game)
OTL equivalent: Hungary
Hungary PMIV Flag.png Kossuth Coat of Arms.svg
Coat of arms
Hungarian:Halál azoknak, akik fenyegetik Magyarország szuverenitását! English:"Death to those who Threaten Hungary's sovereignty!"
Isten mentse a magyarokat!
Hungary and Factions Map.png
(and largest city)
Other cities Debrecen
Official languages Hungarian
Ethnic groups  Hungarian,Austrian,Russian, and Belkan
Religion Catholicism
Demonym Hungarian
 -  Prime Minister Zoltan Bathory
Currency Hungarian Forint

Hungary is a dictatorship in Eastern Europe. It was formed in 1775 during the Hungarian Rising, a bloodless coup save for the hanging of the last king of the previous kingdom on September 30th, 1775. It is ruled by the Prime Minister, who has Complete Power over the Government and Military.


Fight for a Republican Hungary

In the years preceding the rising, the King Oskar Eskhazy grew progressively more insane and tyrannical, ordering the burning of books and the closing of Hungarian borders. This led to the creation of the Free Hungarian Army, a powerful guerrilla force that wanted Hungary to become a republic. 

The Rising

On September 29th, 1775, the Russian Military, led by General Pyotrvich, marched into the Hungarian capital without a fight. This was largely due to the low morale of the Hungarian Military, the help of the Free Hungarian Army, and the coup of General Zoltan Bathory. Zoltan Bathory greeted the Russians with the whole of the Hungarian military on his side and marched into the palace. Oskar Eskhazy was hung in the city square two days later and the first hungarian congress was held.

Rise of Bathory

As Bathory Extended His power and authority over Hungary, His influence In parliament grew As Veterans/Field Marshals and Blind Bathory Supporters, soon he easily passed a law Which basically Crowns him Regent when the Current king dies, So when he died In 1799 he became regent, and after that, he combines yezeto and Regent positions into one called Supreme Regent, all of this came to be after a Regency council which gave him Full Powers , so he called for a Second Hungarian Congress to rewrite the Hungarian Constitution, pretty much making Hungary a Nationalistic Dictatorship, a Proto-Fascist State if you will, and with this, Hungary goes on to prosper under Bathory.



Above is a picture Of Zoltan Bathory, the Prime Minister of Hungary, He has supreme authority of The Hungarian Government and Army. The Prime Minister (who's name changed from Supreme Regent due to republicans wanting no evidence of the monarchy, though Bathory still represents the monarchy) resides in The Grand Duke of Budapest's Castle, as the Royal family was forcibly exiled to France, he moved the Capital back to Budapest and made the castle the Capital Building. There is a Central Council of Affairs which operates under the PM, he has the option to veto any decision made by the council, the council is run by old veterans. The Judicial Branch is controlled by the party directly, and The PM is the highest authority in the branch, he makes the final decision.


KuK_Infanterie_1898.jpg The Common Uniform of an Hungarian Soldier.

The Hungarian Armed Forces is a Strong,Reliable Military that does its best to secure Hungary sovereignty. In fact, that's their motto: "Inkább letöltöm, majd feladom az országomat!" Motto (English): "I would rather be Slaughtered then give up my country!"

The Average Hungarian Soldier is Filled with Nationalism and Respect for his country and its values, if you dare insult the ways of an Hungarian, a soldier would be one of many to insult that man and teach him a lesson. The Hungarian Army is very Equipped, with a Normal Infantry Gun being highly developed and Modernized, With Artillery that Is on point with Much larger, stronger Nations' Artillery, with Commanders That have had Years of Studying and training, along with at least 10 or 20 years of combat and experience. The Hungarian Army has yet to see full blown war yet, but with high tensions with Napoleonic Rhineland, and its possible Polish ally invading, this may soon change.



A Hungarian town near Budapest.

The Hungarian Economy is at its best in over a decade, as in the past, Before Bathory, a racist king was in power, and locked down the country and Making it a poor, scrubland with everyone living in the poorest of conditions, no one was in the high class, 3% of the population in the middle class, though struggling to stay there, and the rest in the lower class or just Downright Homeless and with no money. The People of Hungary did not like this however, and revolted, soon the military did as well, with the coup in place, led by Bathory, the king was overthrown, and his far more better son was put into power, as head of state with zero power, and Bathory becoming Dictator. Since then, the Economy has been booming, with raw minerals being uncovered in mining, with new reforms on the economy by Bathory, nationalizing industries such as Farming and such, the economy has further expanded. The Average working Hungarian makes the same amount of money as a Englishman in London would, this is how wealthy the Country has gotten.



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