Coat of Arms of the Hussite Catholic Church.

The Hussite Catholic Church, sometimes referred to as the Callixtine Catholic Church, is a sui iuris particular church in full communion with the pope and the worldwide Catholic Church. It is headed by the Cardinal-Patriarch of the Hussite Church. The See of this Church is the Cathedral of Saint Lawrence in Prague, Kingdom of Bohemia.

It originated after the Ecumenical Council of Prague , which was called by Pope Benedict XI to discuss the teachings of Venerable Jan Hus. During the Counci, Hus' followers split up in two groups: the radicals, known as Taborites, and the moderates, known as Callixtines. The Callixtines accepted the compromisse made by the pope during the Council and stayed united with the Catholic Church as a sui iuris churches. The Taborites were declared heretics with the Supreme Sacred Congregation of the Roman and Universal Inquisition being created to deal with their growing menace, even Jan Hus considered these radicals as violent and dangerous. Meanwhile, the Callixtines organized themselves under the Hussite Cardinal-Patriarch and they follow the Four Articles of Prague that were approved by the Council. The Patriarch is elected by a Synod, formed by Hussite bishops.

List of Hussite Patriarchs

Image Name Term as Patriarch Notability
Jacob of Mies 1418-1429 Was a colleague of Venerable Jan Hus. During the last decade of his life he was regarded as one of the foremost of the Callixtine theologians.
Petr z Mladoňovic.jpg
Petrus de Mladoniovicz 1429-1451 Was a preacher and student of Venerable Jan Hus.
220px-Jan Rokycana by Balzer.png
John of Rokycany 1451-1471 Was a prominent Callixtine theologian in the Kingdom of Bohemia and opposed the Taborites.
Jiří z Vašíček 1471-incumbent
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