Alternative History

1999-Some young children in Texas decide to wear identical shirts stating "we are all clones" in protest to the alleged "cloning" of students in schools. They are beaten up, sending six straight to the hospital and two to the morgue. It is declared legal by the courts. "Let us kill them for their own safety", says the school. The case creates more controversy when discussions of the case is put down brutally. 170 people are injured and 30 are killed "legally" by the law enforcement officers and the schools. It is announced that all "those who disobey the high rule" are to be persecuted. This Orwellian nightmare pushes ACLU members away and the students are now alone.

2000-School newspapers are outlawed by the State Congress. The Student Control Act is signed by the governor. Children are to be "genericalized" according to the act, all rights oppressed and raised, according to presidential candidate George Bush, in the manner of "factory schools". Further discussion is prohibited by the Media Moderation Act, banning all "unpatriotic" or "treasonous" media and discussion. The Factory School Act is passed. George Bush wins the election in a landslide. Education is now forced, and every child is "the same". A standard school is modelled architecturally after a standard-issue Supermax Prison, and ideologically after George Orwell's 1984.

A school day starts at 6 am no matter the distance, and children are encouraged to read pro-school propaganda if they arrive early. These include:

Teachers are the Authority

Praise the Headmaster: A collection of poems

Yay, I like school!!!

We are all the same

George Bush is Great

We are inferior: Why the Authority is the Authority

And so on. After that, the students are assigned their 5-digit number, which changes yearly. If they have already got a number, they are reminded of it, discouraged against using names and sent to the rest of the day. The number serves as their name. They will be called by that number often, in fact, always except by very close and liberal friends. That, of course, is illegal. They are to forget all personality and behave like robots. That is the meaning of the digit. Only the most loyal gain names, like some of these:





And others.

Afterwards, they move by class, in a single file, to the assembly. There, the Headmaster/Headmistress speaks, brainwashing the students. The students soon proceed to the classrooms. There are no decorations, even in the most festive of days. They bow, once again in a single file, to the teacher. They rapidly memorize all knowledge. No questions are allowed, nor are they asked by the teachers, as it is declared that such acts of curiosity is "Extremely Personalized" and "An Insult to Humility", according to the Act. A recess is given, one of barely enough time for everyone to go to the toilets. Nine hours of class, they move, in a single file of course, to the assembly. They sing "Hail Headmaster and Hail School":

"Hail-ail Sch-oool Hail School-H-ail H-eadmastter-er-er!

Ah, wh-at g-ood is the sch-ool, t-he head-master-er-er!

O-hh, Every-one p-ay att-ention, wh-aat good t-eachers we have!

W-ee M-ust a-ll obey, the glor-ious r-ules!

Prai-se th-ee school, the head-master, praise praise praise!



Hail-hail the Authority!!!"

This song is always sung, and afterwards all the students leave.

The design of the schools are based on prisons, and about 20-25 wards, each holding ten classrooms, are built per school. Each holds, as well, an Authority Office (As teacher's rooms are now called), a small holding room for those who disobey rules (often political prisoners), a library holding propaganda, a small PE Area (or "playground"), and a small computer room with heavy and strict blocking protocol of course. The classrooms each hold 100-120 students, and each school holds approximately 20,000-30,000 students. There are guardhouses, isolation cells and so on. The High Authority Office, as the Head's Office is now called, is located in the middle of the facility. The school often works with the popular and the naive, to manipulate the students. Every one of them is disposable, and any loss of manpower is simply replaced with nothing more than a forced recruitment of any child targeted. Thousands of the so-called "clones" are used in all types of work.

2001: Further laws are made to force brainwashing. Many of the acts are forced on the whole country. 1,567 are injured by the schools, and 94 are killed. CCTVs are installed to monitor the students. Strict rules are enforced, and the students made to obey the Universal Rules of being a Child, which are:

You are the drone of the Authority. You are their slave, their property, their worker. You are not free, never was, and was never meant to be. You must serve the majority of the Authority. You are generic. You are replaceable. You are to work for the adult homo sapien, or human being. You will not have rights. You are a clone. You are not to have friends. You are identical. You are not to be concerned with the loss of fellow drones, or members of the Authority, as they too will be replaced. You will be oppressed, as you are not a member of the Authority. You will work for their general interest. You will be controlled completely and utterly by the higher Authority. You are to be forever happy about the Authority. You will not tolerate rebellion. You will carry out the will of the Authority, and its collective interests. As a rule, you are to destroy utterly all traces of rebellion, no matter how. You are never to ask, as this is an insult to humility and symbol of personification. You are to be loyal, and never to rebel yourself. You will be subject to the order and direction of the Authority. You are theirs. You are not yourself, but none other than a disposable clone with a five-digit number. You are subject to Authority propaganda and treatment, and are not to object. You will be their hand. You will be under their complete and utter control. You are not to care about anything else other than the Authority and the interest of its majority. You are not to be subject to the treatment and/or propaganda of the rebels. You are to submit to the rule of the Authority. You are to praise it. You are to be disciplined. You will obey our principles, and our logic. Only through this, are you a perfect child and will grow up to be a good member of the Authority, and train more of the very same drone that you once was. Only then, will you gain access to rights and other privileges. You are to obey, submit, be disciplined and work before that.

2002-A drone decides that the "majority interest" is actually to free children from their drone status, and convinces a large number of "drones" to overthrow the Authority to achieve the "majority interest". From worker drones slaving away at oil wells to boot camp inventory guard drones to drones-in-training in factory schools, all agree on his logic. This primary rebel who is now known as "Jones" was then called by the number 14568. The "drones" take up arms, and officially attempt to overthrow. They have already received combat training, as they have been trained in the military's camps. They start as loose outbreaks of violence, but soon turn deadly. One teacher said:

"They came at me with lethal brutality. One could not imagine that they were humble drones just seconds ago. I regretted teaching them the combat arts."

They soon free separate suburbias, but the Authority comprises not only teachers, but also parents. There is constant guerrilla warfare. Bush ignores the threat.

A few months later, several major cities are also threatened, and Bush calls in the National Guard. Brutal fighting occurs. The Rebellion has, of course, acquired arms. City warfare makes tank raids impossible, and George Bush now crowns himself King of the American Authority.

2003-Large rebellions are now everywhere. From propagandists in Rhode Island to combat units in Virginia, many children rebel. But King Bush said:

"They are nothing but tantrum-throwing idiots."

There are thousands of attacks, which create general chaos. Several military bases are taken. Missiles are launched. Oppressed (adult) liberals rebel in California and the Northeast. King Bush declares a state of emergency, and Authority members start to cover up the latest news of any new rebellions. In the South, things are relatively safe, and Bush has soon fled to Austin and declares it "temporary capital". The first uprising in the safer area of the Republican South is in the Good-Praising oil sub-field, in the East Texas premier field of Holy Bush. The Authority Emirate of Texas orders a quarantine of the uprising, and the field disappears on the "List of Oil Fields" of the Authority website. Troops surround the site of the uprising, trying to block its expansion. But since there are so many drones, in fact 7,000 of them, break out. Nowhere is safe anymore. A great swarm of rebels are flooding into the MidEast, politically leaning conservative areas. Brutal oppressions occur, but the drones simply use their extreme intelligence (since they have been taught in many subjects) and large numbers to overwhelm all defences. They seize control of the Grand Praise stronghold, a choke point deigned to keep men and supplies flowing to the regions of the MidEast and the Northeast, or quarantine the area if necessary. The choke point will be of great strategic importance to the drone armies.The rebels in the West Coast are now crossing borders into Republican areas. 1,000 potential rebel drones are hanged mercilessly in Austin.

2004-Rebellion forces are winning. Bush declares total war and mobilize 1,000,000 members of the military, they slaughter thousands of drones and push into the lakes. But powerful weapons are used. Jones, the drone who started the rebellion, decides to use the Paralyzer bomb, a new weapon designed to fly clusters of disruptive nanomites which target petroleum and renders it useless, thus "paralyzing" the push. They also release all types of new hazards, like a deadly new incapacitating virus named the Backstabber Factor, which will give victims unpleasant but nonlethal symptoms like hunger and tummy-aches. The retreatings are also weapons in themselves, because the commanders are ordered by Jones to use the Soviet "scorched ground" strategy. They destroy all fuel sources in brave attempts. One child, a captain, was offered the chance to sell some of the fuel he was supposed to destroy to the enemy soldiers, as they were approaching. Instead, he burned the fuel in a fire, and was shot in the head and killed by Authority Army soldiers, but had blocked them from obtaining even a drop of fuel. (He was later given a Red Heart of Valor by Jones, which was placed at the drone's family hall.) They also cut power lines, and when fuel-burning took too much time, they exploded the stuff instead. They even burned houses, and every last grain, piece of meat and leaf of vegetable is taken away. They even infected trees with a fungus that plants can handle, but humans can't. Even rats are killed, as are sparrows. They try to build barriers to slow down the water refineries, and hang fake signs claiming the water is poisoned. One Authority maid said:

"The soldiers had talked, sometimes with me and other times with their own comrades, in secret, how the Rebels managed their property. They were expecting a great harvest in the occupation zones, but there was nothing of the sort. We were forced to feed on grass and rotten cows nine times out of ten, and water was very scarce."

The children have made major gains by the end of the year. Bush has fled to Vatican City seeking help. The other "clean" drones are drafted into armies. The lethality rates in those troops was so high being drafted was nicknamed "being sent to the target range" by some. Many deaths came from the horrific conditions in training camps. In Vatican City, Bush declares that "all children are property and slaves and therefore don't have rights". Thousands die of diseases, famine, bullying, secret police, "shock executions" (executions of ten soldiers a time to "boost" morale), torture, imprisonment, poor living conditions and depression. The death toll of such, according to the Red Cross, tops over 40,000. Soldiers live in cage-like cells, consisting of only a bed, and only a one-meter bed, and some air. They are usually one cu m in space. A small packet, consisting of a small ten-ml toothpaste tube, the brush end of a toothbrush, a small biscuit, and a small body-tight cloth which is tied around the body, is given to recruits. There are no showers, only small towels in the "hygienic sector" of respectively boys and girls. (And taps, of course, which flow only 20 mins a day at morning and night.) They wake up at 5 am and immediately have their breakfast. Meals consist of a small biscuit of some breadcrumbs, a small piece of rough meat (usually old ham) and a vegetable. (Usually a string bean or a couple of celery stalks.) After the meal, everyone brushes their teeth. Any used-up toothpaste is re-filled, via an ingenious device designed by the captured drone scientists. (The details of which is patented.) They then go march, by then in their uniforms. A uniform is often generic, but is barely wearable and copyable, since eating habits are controlled even in civilian homes. They then go to various training areas, which consist of combat and support techniques. By 2 pm, they all go to the mess hall and have lunch. By then, they will have changed back into their clothes, which are literally defenseless against cold. They then change all the way back into their combat suits all over again, and go back to training. They often are beaten during that period as a rule, and on Fridays (for the unluckiness for which it stands), in a particularly bad group, ten are randomly chosen and hanged. This is to "boost" morale, although it is apparently useless and intensifies psychological diseases. At 10 pm, all of them go to the mess hall, although they first go to their cage-houses and fetch their robes, and put them on again, often outside their cages for the sake of convenience. They then go to the mess hall and eat. After that, they quickly proceed to the night march and a few last classes, and usually this is the time when "potential traitors" "disappear". At 10:30 pm, everybody goes to the cage-houses. On Sundays, however, everybody gets to take a bath rather than use a wet cloth. Everybody, in their clothes which are very non-efficient, because they only cover from the chest, to the torso and upper part of their legs, do make the "greenshirts" very cold indeed, particularly when there is lots of air conditioning is in the bathrooms since it is usually reserved for the teachers. The children then go into the Hygiene Sectors, where there are many towels and taps. The children line up and make the towels wet. Afterwards they brush their bodies with it. Notably, there is no soap aside for a little bar outside. There is, therefore, a great and mighty hubbub as some go out naked, trying to get the soap, and others put their clothes on, giving people chaotic ideas over what is happening. On Sundays, the bathing center is open to the children. The children scurry to the large bathing hubs, which have ten or so showers by hub. The independent showers are reserved to the officials, although bullies have been known to seize those. After they enter, they slam the interconnecting door between the bathing centers (for the centers are sometimes used as decontamination centers and agents will need to communicate) and slide a small, near-transparent cloth over the window (it was constructed so officers could better survey places in the event of any disaster). They try to duck under the window, but it is nearly all-encompassing. Therefore, they often use their clothes as makeshift cover-towels. They then shower in the hubs, trying not to complain. They shower, then brush their teeth there. They carefully remove their clothes from the window, put them back on in a hurry, and walk out. At 11:15 pm, they all sleep in their cages. Of course, there is no air-con. They often take off their clothes completely, and sleep with their backs facing the cage-house, for everyone is usually jammed up into one big center.

The rebels, however, are much more humane. Proper beds, in separate wards for boys and girls, are built. They have nine hours of sleep, nutritious and often tasty meals, 30 minutes of relaxation, and separate and daily showers. Air-conditioning is also present, but the troops are as good as the SAS or the SWAT all the same.

2005: The rebels are very close to winning, although the South is still a far way and Vatican City has sent some troops. The strategy for the rebels is to choke the supply routes. Oil pipes and factories are often converted to other things or destroyed altogether. East Texas is now rebel-held, and the new capital of the American Authority is now New Orleans, with the deputy list comprising of Jacksonville, Miami, Houston and Savannah. Most conservatives withdraw their support by the end of the year, and the rebels are winning. King Bush and his cabinet members flee to Vatican City, where the Pope curses the rebels. While thousands of European troops try to suppress the uprising, they are soon overwhelmed.

2006: The rebels win the war. Now, an equal and humane society can be shared by all.