Directed by Jonathan Reynolds
Starring John Havelock

Henry Menville
Lauren Wight

Richard Airey
Studio Ryhope Studios
Release date(s) 17th May, 1913
Running time 93 mins
Country Anglia
Language Anglian intertitles

Ianthe, is a horror film based on the 1828 novel of the same name by the Álengsk writer Heitdís Reventlow. It stars Ryhope Studios' leading actor John Havelock along with much of its usual ensemble cast. It is 93 minutes long.

The plot follows that of the book (see the plot) with some minor changes. The name of the character of 'Arvid' in the novel has been changed to 'Anders', the two lead characters changed from Danes to Anglians and whereas the novel climaxes in the Danish city of Copenhagen the film climaxes in the Anglian city of Bishopwearmouth.

Principal Cast

John Havelock - Christian
Henry Menville - Anders
Lauren Wight - Ianthe
Richard Airey - Conrad
Peter Grigson - Chief Reveller
Valerie Doxford - Lady Westenra

The film itself was filmed mostly in Ryhope Studios' buildings in Bishopwearmouth though significant scenes were shot outdoors in the Wear valley. The film's faithfulness to the novel has been praised as well as its scope and scale. Whereas previous version such as the 2010 Danish version skip over the chapters set during the Iberian Revolution this version restages the Battle of Nancy with 2,000 extras.

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