Mutual Defense Community of the Iberian Peninsula
Iberian Community
Administrative center Lisbon, Portugal
Official languages Rioplatanese, Spanish, Portuguese,
Recognised regional languages English, French, Italian, Catalan
Demonym Iberian
Type Mutual Military Defense, Trade Pact, Political Discussion, Potential Union
Membership Members

Andorra '95

Aragon '95

Aquitaine '97

Castille-Leon '95

Catalonia '95

Galicia '95

Gibraltar '95

Granada '95

Portugal '95

Toulouse '98

Associate Members

Balearic Islands '95

United Mediterr. '95
Establishment 1995


Resolution 001

Shall the IC support Brazil with military force and supplies in wake of recent attacks on Brazil by Colombia.

  • Andorra
  • Aragon Yes
  • Castille-Leon Yes
  • Catalonia Yes
  • Galicia Yes
  • Gibraltar
  • Granada Yes
  • Portugal Yes


All nations within the IC will send supplies to aid the Brazilian effort, while all nations will end supplies. 

Resolution 002

Prposes the Ibero becomes the IC's currency. It will be minted in all participating countries. Nations can chose to opt out of this  if they wish. A same currency will increase free trade and movement of people and goods. 

  • Andorra De Facto.
  • Aragon Yes
  • Castille-Leon Yes
  • Catalonia Yes
  • Galicia Yes
  • Gibraltar De Facto 
  • Granada Yes
  • Portugal Yes

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