King Ferdinand II and Queen Isabella I


Spain became a great power in Europe upon its emergence in 1469, with the marriage of Queen Isabella I of Castile and King Ferdinand II of Aragon and the union of the two massive countries that fought back the Muslim Occupiers from Iberia. But what if, instead of King Ferdinand, what if Isabella married Alfonso V of Portugal? What if Castile and Portugal united? Would they have dominated the colonial game?

Scenario Overview

The main point of difference in this scenario would be Isabella's marriage to King Alfonso V of Portugal instead of King Ferdinand II of Aragon. Historically, Isabella liked Ferdinand, so she went against her king brother Henry IV's wish for her to marry the Portuguese King. The Castilian Civil War would have turned out in favor of Portugal instead of Aragon, forging a great bond between the two future colonial powers to the point of merging into one nation. This new nation would still probably be called Spain, as at the time "Spanish" basically referred to all Catholic Iberian Nations fighting back the Muslim Occupiers. So, to avoid confusion, we will call this "new" nation Spain. This Scenario aims to answer this question: Would the Portuguese-Spanish marriage result in a historically stronger Iberia?

Obvious Differences

While there will be many differences, the main obvious difference will be the borders of Iberia. Where today you would normally see Portugal and Spain, you would probably see Spain and a modern Aragon. Without Aragon, Spain most likely would never have had as great an influence on continental Europe as it did historically. It would be a rather isolated nation, focused completely on colonialism and trade.


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