The World has been divided into several superpowers. Due to the death or slight changes in the life of key scientists and conquerors, the Airship rules the skies. Meanwhile, an earlier but much different evolution of firearms and propulsion changes the face of warfare. The Federated States of America, the Colonial Alliance, the Empire of Mongolia, the United European Commonwealth, the African Confederation and the Republic of Mecca dominated the world. With the buildup and onset of the Great War, the shape of the world was changed forever. Now, the two greatest states in history go to war, darkening the skies with their fleets.

Icarus has flown.

Points of Divergence

  • In ancient Greek Mythology, Icarus, not Daedalus, survives the destruction of Crete by flying to Greece on wings made of feathers and wax. This does not significantly alter the timeline other then give it its name.
  • The English Commonwealth survives the death of Oliver Cromwell, becoming the first democratic state.
  • Mongolia continues its reign over China and Russia up onto the modern day, rather then disintegrating due to Kublai's reuniting of the fractured empire after Genghis's death.
  • Doctor Sebastian Kromvil is considered the father of modern medicine. He discovers the germ, and invents the first successful general antibiotic in 1502
  • George Washington has a much healthier childhood, due to the earlier invention of modern medicine.
  • Religious persecution by the English Commonwealth galvanizes the American Colonies into revolt around the same time of the American Revolution in our world. The revolution is a resounding success, thanks to the American Army's use of Titanium-Aluminum battle armor and primitive steroids.
  • The invention of the Titanium-Aluminum battle armor creates early invention of armor-piercing weapons. However, the method implemented relied more on wide-bore weapons and explosive "shard" rounds then that of our timeline.
  • Napoleon immigrated to England after the failed French Revolution. His idea of a "European Confederation" takes hold in England.
  • The English invent the Airship. Knowledge of rocketry, originating in China, allows them to build the earliest known Airborne Warships.


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