The Independence war. In 1841 when Iceland wanted home rule at first the Danes denied it but in the end, they offered Iceland home rule but the Icelanders were angered at the Danes so they declared independence. The Danish got cocky and only sent a few divisions of inexperienced soldiers to Reyðarfjörð but the Icelandic fishermen and a few soldiers killed the Danish soldiers by shooting at whales and burning their ships. The news of the victory spread to Britain so they decided that since Denmark joined Napoleon they declared war on Denmark so the Danish immediately surrender. The Icelandic demanded independence and the Faroe Islands.

The Referendum:

After the war, the provisional government [Althing] debated about who was going to be the head of Iceland. They eventually settled on a Kingdom one-half controlled by Althing and the other one-half by the King so they chose Jón Sigurðson [1811 to 1879] as their king and declared him King Jón the Liberator.

Since Jón never had children the people voted Hannes Hafsteinn [1861 to 1922] as king. Although he is only 18 he has a great charm and administrative skills. He builds telephone poles, starts a radio network and builds the Hafsteinn Railway from Reykjavík to Akureyri an places between, he encourages movie production which led to movies about fictional rogue Viking and the movie making it to Hollywood, which came out in 1931.

The death of King Hannes shocked the nation, Althing crowned Sigurð Hafstein [1891 to 1947] the son of Hannes king. Sigurður ended Icelandic neutrality by declaring war on Denmark who was weak and the Icelandic military had grown strong, Denmark fearing Germany, Sweden or Norway would take advantage of the situation so they surrendered almost immediately, Icelandic propaganda says that ing Christian X was shown a picture of Sigurð and thought that it was an average Icelandic soldier, in the treaty Iceland annexes Greenland. Karl Dönitz got a telegram from a German battleship that they spotted a torpedo boat. They thought it was British but it was Icelandic. Though no one died, Iceland declared war on Germany. In the treaty Iceland got Italian Somalia and Svalbard.

After Sigurður died his son Hannes (1927 to 2009) was crowned king. His first action was to make Somalia a dominion. Hannes did economic reform which ended up in a free healthcare system. He helped make Eurovision and in 1965 they won the Villa Vill and his song Little Cutie, Sweet and Kind. Althing and Hannes decided to create new posts and Althing and King gave 15% each to the post that was call Ráðherraþing (Minister council) and it came as a great surprise for the people. Hannes shielded Iceland from the bankruptcy.

The son of Hannes named Jón(1965) succeeded his father to the throne, he didn't do much but be a unity symbol. He personally planned a very successful safety measure ad campaign against Covid-19.

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