Kingdom of Ichshkiinmark
Timeline: The Kalmar Union
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
Language Ichshkiin Sínwit
King Peo IV
Prime Minister Tayxɫáma Pelúus
Population 617,840 
Currency IKS

The Kingdom of Ichshkiinmark, Ichshkiinmark, is a landlocked medium-sized constitutional monarchy in western Leifia. It is bordered by Ktunaxa, Kalispu, Skitswishmark, Cayusia, Kidütökaland, Molalawa and Chinookriga. The capital is Yakima and the population around 618,000.

The Head of State is King Peo IV.

The official language is Ichshkiin Sínwit. Vinlandic, although not widely spoken has been given official status too in a bid to increase Ichshkiinmark's trading links to the east.

The currency is the Ichshkiin Sana (IKS).


Originally one of several tribes in and around the river valleys to the east of the mountains dividing the rainy Roasjoinn coast from the drier inland plains, the Ichshkiin tribe came to prominence only after the Black Death and other introduced disease decimated their neighbours in the 14th-15th centuries.

Developing a loose control over the lands on the upper Wimahl River they soon took a strategic interest in the trade flowing from the plains to the trading cities of the Roasjoinn coast. This drew interest from Ktunaxa, Klallam and Chinookriga, and Ichshkiin warriors were soon desperately struggling to hold on to their lands whilst also being used as mercenaries in the Ninety-Year War. Slowly successive defeat pushed their authority was pushed eastwards as the kingdoms to the west scrambled for power in the mountains. The 3rd Ichshkiinmark War (1765-1766), an attempt by Ktunaxa to annex Ichshkiinmark outright, would fail, saving the country from being partitioned.

The wide-scale development of Ichshkiinmark's farming potential and subsequent boom in population only occurred following the discovery of gold in its south in the early 1800s. Prospectors, especially those connected to the Sunyer family led to a string of mines being set up, as well as introducing viniculture to the area. Licenses and taxes from the operations paid for irrigation works on the rivers which in turn led to a much wider area of settled agriculture and a wide, well-funded railway network. This level of state investment in its lands and people has continued and Ichshkiinmark has some of the highest tax levels in Leifia although enjoys a very high standard of living. It is a massive exporter of wheat and fruit to its western neighbours while eastern Leifia is increasingly reliant on Ichshkiin hops for beer brewing.


Ichshkiinmark is a constitutional monarchy and retains a high level of direct involvement from its citizens. Any voting adult may bring legislation to the council chamber for approval, though must have the backing of at least one of the 204 elected councilmen. Elections are held every four years.

The current Head of State is King Peo IV. The Prime Minister is Tayxɫáma Pelúus.

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