Governorate of Idaho
Айдахская губерния

Governorate of Alaska
Timeline: Russian America

OTL equivalent: Portions of British Columbia, Idaho,
Montana, Washington, and Wyoming.Owyhee Mountains
Flag of Idaho (Russian America)
Flag of Idaho
Location of Idaho (Russian America)
Location of Idaho
Capital Moscow-on-Shoshone
Largest city Novospokansk
Other cities Lesnoy, Slavyanka, Vrata Ada
English and Russian (de facto)
  others German, Norwegian, Ukrainian
Eastern Orthodox
  others Baptists, Catholics, Mormons
Ethnic groups
  others English, Norwegians, Russians
Demonym Idahoan, Aydakhets
Governor Eduard Stelmakh (VZ)
Area 458,329 km² (402,727 кв. врс
Population 3,002,084 (2017 Census) 
Established 1945
Admission 1945
Time zone AKEST (UTC-8)
  summer AKEDT (UTC-7)
Abbreviations AK-ID, Айд. (Ayd.)

Idaho (Russian: Айдахо, Aydakho), formally known as the Governorate of Idaho (Айдахская губерния, Aydakhskaya guberniya), is one of the 18 governorates of the Alaskan Democratic Federative Republic. Idaho is one of the only two landlocked governorates of Alaska (the other being Yukon), as well only one of two governorates (aside from Oregon) to border two nations (those being Borealia and the United States).

The governorate originally began as an integral part of Russian Oregon. Much of the early settlers to the region came from the United Kingdom and the United States. It wouldn't be until the late 19th Century that waves of Russians moved into the area, most of whom being farmers of Ukrainian ethnicity. The Governorate of Idaho was formally established in 1945.

Owyhee Mountains

The mountains of Idaho.

Idaho has a population of around three million, the vast majority of whom are of Ukrainian descent. Those of Danish, English, German, Norwegian, Russian, and Swedish descent are also prevalent within the governorate. Most Idahoans adhere to the Eastern Orthodox Church; though a sizable minority of Baptists, Catholics, Jews, Lutherans, and Mormons also worship within the governorate.

Much of Idaho is covered by the Rocky Mountains. Despite this, the majority of Idaho's economy is based on agriculture (with the production of potatoes and wheat forming the majority of this field). Throughout much of its political history, Idaho has been a safe governorate for the liberal conservative Evergreens.

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