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  • Joshua Abraham Norton has more success in business prior to declaring himself Emperor thus giving him greater fund with which to serve in such capacity. In OTL he had a Cigar Factory, a Rice Mill, and an office building. His great luck and fortune however took a turn when a famine in China resulted in the price of rice skyrocketing from 4 cents to 36 cents a pound. This was great for his business and he received an offer to import Peruvian Rice (then going for 12 cents a pound) which he could then sell at the going price of 36 cents in the states. He invested in this only to see competitors beat him to it and the price of Rice dropped to 3 cents a pound resulting in detrimental lose. He tried in OTL to cancel the deal on purchasing the rice which resulted in a two year court battle that ended in favor of those he was purchasing the rice from. Having to pay what he still owed on the rice ruined him and thus is how in OTL he became- well- homeless as banks foreclosed on a number of his properties to obtain payments for loans he had withdrawn to expand his fleet as part of the Peruvian rice shipment plan.

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