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Hands down, one of the largest epidemics of pre-Doomsday were illegal drugs. In fact, most terrorist organizions and rebel groups usually funded their operations by selling and growing drugs. Doomsday, however, was an unexpected cure for this cancerous growth on society, as most people were more concerned with food than getting high. Following the collapse, many of the more complicated drugs to make, such as cocaine and MDMA were lost to the past. However, as society is slowly becoming less survivalistic, the trade is beginning to pick up in certain areas of the globe, along with new drugs surfacing.

The following WCRB Reports are classified by the categories of drugs, followed by the regions in which they are found.



Marijuana is perhaps the widely known illegal substance throughout the globe. While several countries have legalized as they do not have the energy to spend combating the drug trade, it remains outlawed in many other parts of the globe, namely the ANZC. Many pre-War slang terms are used around the globe in dozens of languages, namely "pot", "ganja", "monte", among others.



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