Alternative History
—  State of the Danubian Federation  —


Coat of arms
Motto: Ujedinjeni mi stojimo.
Capital Zagreb
 - Type Presidential Republic
 - State Council
Population (Estimate; 1863)
 - Total 1,262,920
 - Demonym Illyrian
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
 - Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)

The State of Illyria [Serbo-Croatian: Ilirija/Илирија] is one of the constituent states of the Danubian Federation [Ger: Die Donauföderation] and the state has a majority of Southern Slavs (Croat, Bosnian, Serb).

With the lack of a strong voice for the South Slavic states of Carniola and Croatia, many thought of the idea to unite these two states to help give the Southern Slavs a stronger voice not only in Congress, but in the entire nation.

In 1862, a referendum came to birth, to unite the two states. It passed and created the state we now know as the state of Illyria, named after the ancient Roman province Illyricum. However, in 1869, Slovenia left Illyria through a referendum and by vote were re-admitted as a state.

Form of Government

The State of Illyria is a presidential republic within the Danubian Federation. The state has a unicameral legislature named the "State Council", which consists of 6 seats, each seat occupied by a Governor. A new governor is elected every four years.

Administrative Subdivisions

The State of Illyria is divided into the six sub-states of:

Substates of Illyria

  • Bosnia
  • Central Croatia
  • Dalmatia
  • Herzegovina
  • Slavonia
  • Vojvodina

The sub-states have a high degree of autonomy within the state to decide their internal matters. The sub-states divide themselves into sub-regions.

Notable Individuals from the State of Illyria

  • Crepko Obradovic: The Minister of Finance, Member of the Radical Union of the Federation
  • Janos Papp: Co-founder of the All-Danubian Conservative Party, Retired
  • Jan Jaromír: Deputy for Illyria, Governor of Vojvodina, Member of the Federal Democratic Party
  • Jovan Lilic: Premier of Tunisia
  • Njegomir Lucić: Councillor for Illyria
  • Radost Ostromir: Deputy for Illyria
  • Radomir Gudelj: Councillor for Illyria, Governor of Central Croatia
  • Vladimir Aleksandar: Governor of Bosnia