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Kingdom of Illyria

Кралјевство небесқо Илирија (Serbian)
Kraljevstvo nebesko Ilirija (Croatian)

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Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
Banja Luka
Serbian, Croatian
  others Bosnian
Monarch Otto I
Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica
Area area km²
Population population 
Established establishment date
Currency Illyrian Dinar


Government and Politics

The Kingdom of Illyria is ruled by the Holy Roman Emperor, Otto V, and is also a member of the European Union. Otto V is locally known as Otto I.

Legislative Branch

The legislative branch of Illyria is led by the Royal Parliament. Each region has its own local parliament. The main parties are:

Croatian Parliamentary Parties

  • Hrvatska demokratska zajednica (Croatian Democratic Union) Croatian independence party. Dominant in Croatian Parliament.
  • Hrvatski Liberali (Croatian Liberal) Small Liberal party in Croatia, most support in Krajina or Slavonia.

Serbian Parliamentary Parties

  • Srpska liberalna stranka (Serbian Liberal Party) Serbian liberal party, dominant in Serbian Parliament.
  • Samostalna Srbija (Independent Serbia) Serbian independence party.

Royal Parliament Parties

  • Ilirski Demokratski Zbor (Illyrian Democratic Assembly) Rightist conservative party, dominant in Royal Parliament.
  • Ilirska Socijalistička Demokratska Stranka (Illyrian Socialist Democratic Party) leftist socialist party, most support in Serbia.
  • Nova Ilirija (New Illyria) New centrist party, dominant in Bosnia and Serbia.
  • Ilir Sjedinjenje Dio, Ilirski Unija Zabava Once a dominant party, this Serbo-Croatian party favors a much closer union between the regions.

Administrative Divisions

Illyria is divided into 5 Regions. Each region is further divided into provinces, appart from Montenegro.

Region Capital
Bosnia Sarajevo
Croatia Zagreb
Herzegovina Mostar
Montenegro Cetinje
Serbia Belgrade


Province Capital
Banja Luka Banja Luka
Bihać Bihać
Goražde Goražde
Novi Pazar Novi Pazar
Sarajevo Sarajevo


Province Capital
Cattaro Kotor
Dubrovnik Dubrovnik
Fiume Rijeka
Krajina Petrinja
Slavonia Osijek
Split Split
Zadar Zadar
Zagreb Zagreb


Province Capital
Mostar Mostar
Trebinje Trebinje


Province Capital
Beograd Belgrade
Bor Bor
Nišava Niš
Raška Raška
Sumadija Kragujevac
Podrinje Užice
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