Imperial Conquests is a Timeline where a few great nations dominate Earth.These nations are either great powers or nations that have kept their independence through trial and error.Welcome to Imperial Conquests.This Timeline attempts to look at a unique way many Great Powers could have survived until the modern day.

Points of Divergence (PODs)

The Imperial Conquests timeline has a total of four PODs. These are:

  • Lucius Verus doesn't catch the plague and lives on past 180 AD.
  • Emperor Ling manages to remove the influences of the eunuchs resulting in a longer Han Dynasty,though Han still falls to the Mongols.
  • The Treaty of Teotihuacan establishes a Mesoamerican State,the Toltec Confederacy,in 300 AD resulting in the centralization of Mesoamerica.
  • The Mongols manage to survive due to the establishment of a Succession System.


  • It is suggested you start at the beginning here.
  • If you want a nations list,it is here
  • The Small Number of Nations in existence means there is little warfare by the end of this Timeline.
  • This Timeline is currently a Work-In-Progress.
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