Imperial Empire of New York City
Timeline: 1983: Doomsday
Flag Coat of Arms
Anthem "Imperial March"
(and largest city)
Language Galactic Basic (English)
Government Absolute Monarchy
Area 1 km²
Population 17 
Currency Galactic Credits

The Imperial Empire of New York City or The Empire, is an unrecognized nation located on the outskirts of the ruins of New York City. While the "nation" only controls a single 3-story apartment building, it claims the entirety of New York City.


On Doomsday, James Church was in a theatre on the outskirts of New York City, watching Return of the Jedi for the 5th time, when the bombs fell. During the aftermath, James' fight for survival caused him to gradually lose his sanity, but he also found he had a knack for getting through tough spots. As he wandered in search of supplies and shelter he began gathering followers attracted by his ability to provide for them. Due to his tendency to give orders and quote Star Wars these followers began jokingly referring to him as "Emperor". Eventually, the group came across a small apartment building that had been abandoned, but was in generally good condition. It had an emergency generator and several nearby gas stations that still had ample supplies of fuel in their reserves. The group settled in the building, venturing out for supplies, but eventually converting the parking lot to an open air garden. Nearby, former businesses, such as home improvement or hardware stores, a nearby library, and James' knack for finding useful salvage eventually allowed the group to build makeshift wind generators for power generation and greenhouses for winter growing. Eventually, the small commune became completely self-sufficient and routine salvage operations became unnecessary. Unfortunately, James' sanity never recovered and he, to this day, asks to be referred to as Emperor. The others of commune accept James' "quirks" and continue to take his orders, despite his tentative grasp on reality because, even with that, he remains a competent administrator. During one of his "imperial addresses" James laid claim to all of former New York City for the glory of the Empire.

Government and Politics

The Empire is an absolute monarchy, James Church is the current Emperor, and upon his death, rule of the commune goes to his "Apprentice"


The Empire is solely based on subsistence agriculture, with all citizens pitching in to grow food and construct and maintain amenities.

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