Imperial Guard of Cygnia
Carolinian colonial militia: 13 December 1660 (359 years ago)
  • As "Imperial Guard": since 1848
Country Eureka Flag Cygnia
Role Reserve component of the Cygnian Imperial Armed Forces
Size 450,100 personnel
Part of Ministry of Defence
Headquarters Defence Complex, Mandurah
Motto "Pro Lege, Rege et Grege" (Latin: For Law, King and Country)
Engagements Cygnian War of Independence
World War III
Commander-in-Chief Queen Elizabeth
Minister for Defence Richard Marles
Chief of the Imperial Guard Bureau General Joseph L. Lengyel, CIAF

Not to be confused with the Queen's Guard

The Imperial Guard of Cygnia, part of the reserve components of the Cygnian Imperial Armed Forces, is a reserve military force, composed of Imperial Guard military members or units of each state and the Federal Territory, for a total of 22 separate organisations. All members of the Imperial Guard are also members of the militia of Cygnia as defined by the Imperial Guard Act of 1848. Imperial Guard units are under the dual control of their respective states and the federal government.

The majority of Imperial Guard soldiers, seamen and airmen hold a civilian job full-time while serving part-time as an Imperial Guard member. These part-time guardsmen are augmented by a full-time cadre of Active Guard & Reserve (AGR) personnel in the Army Imperial Guard, Naval Imperial Guard, and Air Imperial Guard, plus Reserve Technicians in each branch.

The Imperial Guard is a joint activity of the Cygnian Ministry of Defence (MoD) composed of reserve components of the Cygnian Imperial Army, the Cygnian Imperial Navy and the Cygnian Imperial Air Force: the Army Imperial Guard, the Naval Imperial Guard, and the Air Imperial Guard respectively.

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