Imperial M4 or Empire of M4 Weapon for Long Riffle Combined, This OTL Timeline, in 1770 The M4 Weapon Gun Ranged Was Invented By George Washington and Tupac Amaru II Where Used And Fight against Spain, OTL M4, M16 Carbine Mixed and Combined Also invented By George Washington And Tupac Amaru II To Fight Against Spain, M16 Riffle was Used And Started By Leonardo Di Vinci Company in Mexico and Colombia to Fight And Make End of Spanish Rule, Long Riffle And Mixed Ingredients Combine And Researched into Authority But Used To Make End of Spanish Rule.

Points of Divergence and Basis of This World

In 1599, Historically Stifled by its Neighbors, the Italy Unifies catches with Long Break the League of Barcelona: this Historically Changes in the World.

When you Actually Look Map of Europe See This Action This Time year 1875, This Map Plus Burgundy May be Mistakes, This Contributions to Enjoy Help Some of us Increase our community.

Please have full National community to Help with One Another.


The Alternative Common on History this Leagues, May Be Not to Get Problem, politically. This seemingly small outcome seems to be the first of a massive butterfly effect on world events. This Alt history seeks to create a realistic balance of positive and negative world events, while exploring a dramatic divergence of new stories and outcomes.

Italian Napoleon (Pax Columbia)
  • Which Powers Could Allow French Burgundy Annexed and Unified By Dutch Into
492px-Portrait of George Washington


  • English or British Empire Fall into weakness, this Scenario Caused By Revolt, Invasion
  • George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams was Born in Mexico a Mexican-American Citizen, Because Washington Family Moved to Mexico
  • 13 Colonies may not fight against British Empire because The Families of Washington, Jefferson, and Adams Moved to New Spain.
  • Napoleon I is born an Italian Citizen, Because Corsica was Not Sold to France.
  • Scandinavia Never Collapsed Because Gustav is Now in Burgundy.
  • American-Columbian Alliance.
  • Korea and Japanese Empire is Large Powers in The World.
  • No Spanish-American War.
  • HMS Titanic Never Sank
  • Evacuees and Refugees Survivors and Injuries Are Migrated to USA And FSC And All Colonies from World.
  • Prussia In Germany Never Fell.
  • French and British Empire are Weak Because Fight in Wars.
  • Adolf Hitler Was Now Communism And Hitlerism Is Invented and Benito Mussolini Never uses Fascism Only Charles de Gaulle uses Fascism and Invents Fascism.
  • Philippines and Cuba Never Gets Independence.
  • Spanish Empire Became Strength
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