Over more then ten thousands of years, Humans have dominated the Earth and living in peace forever. Originally consisting of groups of hunter-gatherers, they begin to develop civilizations. These civilizations gradually became more and more complex, with some becoming nation-states and empires. Its technology was so advanced that it eventually led to a better life and therefore, no contact with Aliens was found. Humans have enjoyed life and many decades of peace after World War II in a complex world. But then came all the worst. The big problem is that the number of Native Americans in North America and South America has decreased so powerfully since their first contact with Europeans during 1500s and today the Native population is very few - now 60 million. The next such problem is about Scandinavia's population. Not only about Scandinavian countries are very rich and pretty fine, but also Scandinavia has the lowest and worst population ever. This means that can be easier for Muslim refuges to take over Scandinavia and declare the formation of Eurabia in Europe. And finally the biggest such problem is Global Warming (But stopped for the first time by 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris). Sci-Fi writers and artists also believe in both fictional and reality that a future Alien invasion could became the end of Humanity.

But what if all luck has come true? What if Humans make first contact with Aliens during the Middle Ages and beyond? What if Humans has taken Alien technology and begins developing machines and computers at late 1890s instead of 1940s? How the world can change with added machines and aliens? Imperial Machines, a technologically ASB-based alternate history written by Eric4e, will explore from the birth of German-Swedish legacy man Eric von Schweetz to its present day and will include massive accounts of ASB-mass changes to ATL timeline, including rapid technological advancements, official contacts and trading with aliens and special changes made to Scandinavia and Morocco. Welcome to a force of an alternate futuristic Earth.


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Imperial Machines was first created in October 2013 as Mario and Sonic’s Earth: Imperialism under its What-if motto, Whaf if Central Powers win World War 1 with this future strongest war Machines Gamepods. The PoD's have taken several inspirations from the deleted YouTube video that What-If Germany had won World War 1. However, it was nominated for deletion and had to change it to Imperial Machines and its PoD. In January 2015, it was moved to IM1 to became a part of the Imperial Machines alternate history series, but later became an inactive timeline after all. Once again in September 2015, it was renamed once again to Imperial Machines and began working on it.


  • The World population is different. The population of whole Scandinavia has raised in ATL to over 100 million people as of 2014, while Ireland over 25 million people as of 2016 because of Irish-American immigration and Berber peoples totally over 180 million people.
  • The best-selling Zöckarluschu franchise was created in 1889 by Erich von Schweetz, 123 years before Disney that did in 2012.
  • The Swedish Air Force was the earliest air force in history of military founded in 1904, replacing instead the French Air Force in 1909.
  • With the Soviet Union invading Finland in November 1939, starting the Winter War, Shugarist Alliance Block helps Finland, joining the Axis and declared war on Soviet Union and British Empire. The war ends with Finnish victory and remains its pre-war borders instead of Soviet victory in OTL.
  • Having Netherlands not occupied by Germany in ATL, Anne Frank (as well with Frank family) survived and continued to live her life in Netherlands until she died on 3 March 2015.
  • Operation Barbarossa and the Eastern Front has changed dramatically in ATL. First, Soviet Union occupied and annexed the Baltic states in 1940, but come completely occupied by Shugarist Alliance Block and recreate the Baltic states instead of Germany occupying the area and declared Reichskommissariat Ostland.
  • After the Second World War, both Britain and France were split, just like Germany, into western capitalist states supported by NATO and eastern states which then annexed into Shugarhai Union as MSEs. Like Berlin Wall built in 1961, Paris Wall divided Paris from 1961 to 1989. London Wall divided London in 1968 only.
  • The Cold War emerged with the United States and Soviet Union as the world's sole superpowers, as well as Shugarhai Union did. There's no Iron Curtain, East European Communist states or the Warsaw Pact in this timeline.
  • The European Space Agency was formed in 1945 and launched its satellite the same year, made from Canpootian space technology. This satellite would become the first artificial Earth satellite on the planet, replacing the Soviet Union's first satellite which was launched in 1957. The Space Age was entered in 1945, not 1957.
  • Revolutions in East London 1953 and Hungary 1956 causes rise of democratic freedoms in their homelands. Because Shugarhai Union isn't Communist, people rebel against Shugarism, not Communism.
  • For Morocco as featured in Imperial Machines timeline, this North African country has fully modernized in Japanese form, setting up Berbers as their national people and rapidly becoming the most richest and technological advance country in Africa.
  • Pixar was founded in 1916 in Morocco, instead of 1986 in United States, and later became a Moroccan multinational company, not just an animation studio. It's independent and not part of Disney. Its first Pixar film, Inside Out Head, becomes both Morocco's and the world's first 3D animated feature film ever made and was released in 1975.
  • The most impotent country in Africa and the world, South Africa will not be featured in ATL because the country was dissolved in 1907. There's no Nelson Mandela becoming president and therefore, no FIFA World Cup 2010 taking place in South Africa.
  • The Northern Mali Conflict between the Malian government and Tuareg rebels ends with a Tuareg rebellion victory and a declared independence as Azawad in ATL. But instead, the victorious Tuareg rebels in northern Mali joined Morocco as the Tuareg State.
  • According to NASA, Humanity would begin its colonization of the Moon by 2022. But in ATL, Morocco begins its colonization begins in 1993, and then by 2014, CNE nations begins their colonization of the Moon ..
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