In this timeline the Central Powers have won the First World War known as the Great War in this timeline. They were helped by more nation that in the real world were neutral.


1905: Norway doesn’t split up from Sweden
1914: The Great War starts, the kingdom of Sweden and Norway are allied to the Central Powers
1917: The Netherlands enter the war to claim Belgium. Mexico enters the war to fight the United States. Russian revolution: Lenin ceases power in Russia.
1918: The Great War ends with victory for the Central Powers.
1919: Treaty of Bonn: Since Russia was already out of the war, Britain and France are held responsible for the war and have to pay for it.
1922: First British Revolution: Fearing the same fate as the Russian emperors, the British king flees to Canada. The British Republic is formed.
1925: France ruled by Marshal Petain seeks an alliance to Germany.
1926: Treaty of Strassburg: Germany accepts the alliance with France. And France can stop paying.
1927: Second British Revolution: The Communist party of Britain takes power.
1939: The Second World War starts because the Soviet Union invades Finland.
1941: Wilhelm II of Germany dies, Wilhelm III is crowned Emperor.


Central Powers

Communist Powers


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