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United States rivalizes the United Kingdom, but what happens once USA not got your independence? USA is the most powerfull country of the world but in the year 2000 no exist US. What is the country with more power in the World?. France is a empire, UK is the great power but France is the rival of UK. Is time of a war, a Imperial War.

Point of Divergence

USA is the most powerfull country in the world but the Independence war as losted by the americans and now the last resistence force are the American Free Front but this are easy of destroy. France and UK have SO power, have colonies in Asia, America and have the 50% of Europe.



The War


In 1998 UK celebrates the annexation of the south of China, but in France dies the Duke William VII. France moves a little force to hunt a group of pirates raiding the port of Caen, but accidentally destroy a ship of UK in the south sea of Ireland. France offer a apology to UK for the lost of the lives of 25 sailors, but UK moves to the territorial sea of France more of 5 frigates and 9 corvettes. Quickly France moves 10 cruisers to the port of Bordeaux to prepare it for a possible attack. UK moves the HMS Serena (a aircraft carrier) and other 6 destroyers to the French Somalia. In 1999 France send 5 cruisers with 700 troops to the waters of Hong Kong to invades it.

Battle of Hong Kong

At 7:20 AM France attack with 400 troops the Lantau Island in the West of Hong Kong. UK send a group of 70 troops to defend the Ma Wan pass but 40 troops of UK dies and the rest escape to Shek Wan road. 200 militians attack Ma Wan but fails, France lost 65 troops, but UK lost 153 militians. France advance without resistance of UK. A last force of 1.200 Canadians attack Hong Kong but fails losing 350 troops.

Operation Mediterranean

After the defeat of UK in Hong Kong, France send other Invasion to the British Gibraltar this time with 13.000

troops. UK defend Gibraltar with 1.600 troops. France lost the first invasion losing 700 troops. The 2nd invasion is winned but France only capture the north of Gibraltar.

The 3rd invasion is losed by the Frenchs this time lose 1.300 troops. With this defeat France capture the north of Gibraltar, but with so fallens.

Later, Spain send reinforcements to France. UK declares the war to Spain for support the French army. UK send 3.500 troops to Gibraltar for fortify against France.

Battle of Warsaw

After 7 days of war and Gibraltar of the French Government, UK send 180.000 to Gemany, your most confiable ally to attack Poland, After conquest part of Poland, this send the remnants of your army (18.900 troops) to Warsaw, after this UK send 38.900 troops to Warsaw to destroy the last Polish Remnant. After 49 days of combat, Warsaw falls, the 7.400 troops of Poland dies and the rest are capturated but 12.600 english forces dies.

This was the most longer battle in the war.

The End of The War

After 2 years of war, The High Duke Marcello, make the peace with British Empire, ending the Imperial War, an short conflict, but... so bloodiest.



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