In the last few days of the Western Roman Empire, the Roman Emperor Julios Nepos was desposed and forced to flee. Insistent on his claim as the Emperor, Julios decided to flee to Britannia rather than Dalmatia, his home. Britannia was more easily defendable and offered more wealth and resources than war-ravaged Dalmatia. Finding support amongst the native Romano-British, Julios Nepos set about to revive the Empire even as Rome fell to the barbarian Ostrogoths. 

How would history turn out different? How would Western Europe be different? How would the world be changed in the face of the Imperium Britannicum?


I would like to thank Intellectual Crusader and his timeline of Third Rome in Britannia for the inspiration of this timeline. I had intended on adopting Third Rome (which I did) and expanding upon it, but eventually the timeline did things that I disagreed with and could no longer make work with what I had in mind. As such, I have created this timeline to do just that. 

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