Infinite Possibilities is the name for the setting of an alternate history short story written by Mitro (and hopefully not the only story in this setting). The articles falling under this banner include content that for whatever reason did not make into the story itself, but are being posted here for your enjoyment.


The multiverse exists. An infinite number of Earths, each with a different history, exist separated only by the "branes" that prevent them from realizing the truth. Nevertheless, some advanced human civilizations have managed to break the branes, allowing them to explore and settle multiverse. There were conflicts between these interdimensional explorers and colonists. Wars were raged across the branches of time. Entire civilizations crumbled.

In the wake of these wars came the Interdimensional Energy and Technology Community (IETC), an economic and political alliance of member nations who promote the peaceful exploitation of the multiverse. Trade flourished between the member states. Uninhabited Earths were mined for their natural resources or colonized by the excess populations of overpopulated Earths. Those Earths still ignorant of the multiverse were monitored in case they ever stumbled upon the truth, while the great interdimensional corporations secretly traded with them, raking in huge profits. The militant wing of the IETC, the Time Stream Protection Task Force (guess where I got that from? -Mitro), enforces the law of the IETC and while protecting the secret of multiverse travel from the other Earths.

Yet the multiverse is still not at peace. Collapse Theory predicts the eventual collapse of every post-industrial civilization that does not discover and exploit the advantages of the multiverse. Meanwhile, shadowy organizations that oppose the IETC and threaten to destabilize the entire symbiotic relationship with the multiverse. Then there are the whispers of strange beings discovered by explorers peering into divergence points deep in the past...

Infinite possibilities await those brave (or foolish) enough to reach for them!




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