Inge II
King of Svealand
Reign 1118 - 1125
Predecessor Philip
Successor Magnus I Nielsen
Born c. 1050
Died 1125
Spouse Ulvhild
Full name
Inge Halstensson
House Stenkil
Father Halsten Stenkilsson

Inge II, the Younger, was the last Svealandic king from the Stenkil dynasty. He ruled Svealand from around 1105 after the death of his uncle Inge I until 1125, firstly with his elder brother Philip then from 1118 alone.

During this period Gothenland, which had been the birth-place of the Stenkil dynasty, was in chaos. The Estridsson kings had given way to the possibly Stenkil related Rode dynasty but their rule had effectively collapsed by the time Inge II ruled alone. Inge seems to have taken the opportunity to put his own claims forward, as did Sigurd I, 'the Crusader' of Hordaland. Apparently the people of the Gothenlandic province of Småland had renounced their Christian faith (possibly a reflection of the country's woes).

Inge's intervention did not achieve much and in 1125 he died, apparently poisoned, in Gothenland.

Following his death, his cousin Magnus, the grandson of Inge I of Svealand, who would briefly and unhappily rule Svealand. His widow, Ulvhild would marry both Niels I of Viken, and Magnus's ouster, Sverker.

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