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Innu conquests during the Innu Unification Wars.

The Innu Unification Wars were a set of wars, along with other political actions, that led to the unification of all Innu people as well as the integration of southern Dorset into Nitasina. These actions included the Thule-Naskapi War (1501-1511), the War of Eastern Cree Succession (1512-1514), the Great Northern War (1528-1544), the Nunavik-Innu War (1545-1548), and the Innu-Atikamekw personal union and resulting integration (1562 and 1569 respectively).

Thule-Naskapi War

The Thule-Naskapi war was the first step in uniting all the Innu people. Although not participating in the war until 1504, the Innu intervened on Naskapi's side after a request from the exiled government. Although first turning into a route, the Eastern Cree soon joined in and together the Innu and Eastern Cree were able to push the Thule back. Then, the Eastern Cree king died in the Battle of Whapmagoostui, resulting in a stalemate against the Thule but leaving the Eastern Cree throne claimed by Innu king. This led to a peace so that Nitasina could focus on the east, where Naskapi was ceded to the Thule.

War of Eastern Cree Succession

With the Eastern Cree throne contested, Nipi-Atshak and Penashue were the two main contenders for the throne, with Penashue being pro-Thule. Nipi-Atshak marched 5,000 troops into Eastern Cree lands to depose Penashue, and was successful shortly thereafter, securing the throne of the Eastern Cree. The nation was then integrated into Nitasina due to similarities in language, culture, and ethnicity.

Great Northern War

After a period of relative peace, a small succession crisis in the Thule empire (which was quickly solved) led to a military buildup by both Nitasina and the Thule until King Kumaglak of the Thule declared war as a preemptive strike. He was successful initially, but soon decisive victories stacked up in Innu favor, and the Thule were driven back to Kuujjuaq, where they were sieged and the city was seized. The Thule then fell apart with the capital falling.

The Thule fell into the kingdoms of Nunavat, Kalaallit Nunaat, and Nunavik, of which the latter would be conquered in the next few years.

Nunavik-Innu War

Innu-Atikamekw union and integration


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