The Insular States are a group of sovereign nations in the Appalachian Mountains.


In the Appalachia, there are many tiny states, kingdoms, and dictatorships. Most are city-states or even mere towns and villages. Some have allied into larger groups, though these are often quickly shattered and return to states of tyranny. The Insular Kingdoms (often the Insular States), are so named for their lack of connection to the Great Lakes Region Union and the Racial War of the South. Most of these nations and kingdoms are not worthy of note, though some are of prominence, such as Maryland.

Most of this region is notably anachronistic. For example, while people do not consistently have access to clean water, yet in war Thermal Airships are used in battle. It is notable that the Insular States represent the fact that technological progress is not a linear process.

Notable Places

Kingdom of Maryland

Kingdom of Maryland
Timeline: Great Nuclear War
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
Language English
Religion Christianity

in the Panhandle of Maryland, the desperate people turned to a bureaucrat come King, whom consolidated his power by pushing his borders farther than any other. The Kingdom is known for it's pike-wielding shock troopers.


Many in the Insular States consider Maryland a center of culture, and many Bards, Poets, and Authors have come from this Kingdom. An common instrument, the Tew, is said to have come from here. This instrument is made from Maple, though expensive ones can be made of Rosewood. There have been only a few examples of Tews with frets, and their strings are made of cured sheep intestines. This instrument is quite popular among travelers and entertainers alike, and is quite iconic.

New River Republic

One of the few democratic states in the Insular Kingdoms, New River has a low population, and is constantly under attack due to it's rich farmland.

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