Alternative History

More than 25 years after Doomsday, intercollegiate athletics are finally regaining interest and prominence in North America.

In the pre-Doomsday United States, college sports, particularly football and men's basketball, garnered high interest; in some areas the teams' following and popularity rivaled, or surpassed, professional football and basketball.

Club teams from colleges and universities throughout the former United States and Canada have competed against one another and against amateur and semi-professional teams for the past two decades. Only in the past five years have economic conditions and travel improved to the point where schools could seriously discuss competing against one another on a regional scale.

The first such conference to be formed post-Doomsday was the Vermont Intercollegiate Athetic Association, which will begin its first season in August, 2010. Eight member institutions from Vermont, Aroostook and former New York State will compete in 10 sports. Institutions from Canada and former Pennsylvania have expressed interest in joining in the next few years.

The Southeastern Conference (SEC) is a proposed revival of a collegiate sports conference which, pre-Doomsday, consisted of member universities from the southern United States. Schools from Kentucky, East Tennessee, Blue Ridge, Piedmont, the Virginian Republic, Cape Girardeau, Hot Springs and North and South Florida have already scheduled one another for the 2010-11 season; the SEC would merely formally group the bigger schools into a "Division One" and the smaller schools into a "Division Two". Eight sports would be sanctioned initially, with more to be added in future seasons.

The SEC membership consists of

Division One

  • University of Kentucky (Lexington, Kentucky)
  • University of Blue Ridge (Asheville, Blue Ridge)
  • University of Tennessee (Knoxville, East Tennessee)
  • University of Georgia (Rome, Georgia)
  • Clemson University (Clemson, Piedmont)
  • University of Charlottesville (Charlottesville, Virginia)
  • Cape Girardeau University (Cape Girardeau)
  • Murray State University (Murray, Kentucky)
  • University of Evansville (Evansville, Kentucky, renamed from the pre-Doomsday, publicly owned University of Southern Indiana)
  • University of Florida (Gainesville, Florida)
  • University of Alabama (Florence, Alabama)
  • Furman University (Furman, Piedmont)

Division Two

  • Cumberland College (Williamsburg, Virginia, located in what was Williamsburg, Kentucky pre-DD)
  • University of Delmarva
  • University of Charleston (Charleston, Virginia)
  • North Greenville University (Greenville, Piedmont)
  • Lee College (Cleveland, East Tennessee)
  • Brevard College (Brevard, Blue Ridge)
  • Kentucky Wesleyan College (Owensboro, Kentucky)
  • Virginia Tech University (Blacksburg, Virginia)
  • Elizabethtown College (Elizabethtown, Kentucky)
  • University of Mississippi (Corinth, Mississippi)
  • Western Kentucky University (Bowling Green, Ky.)
  • Morehead State College (Morehead, Virginia)

Schools from West Texas, eastern Texas, Louisiana, the Rio Grande Valley, Lincoln, Superior and former Arkansas, Mississippi and Oklahoma, plus the Navajo Nation, compete under their own association of schools, the Western Collegiate Athletic Association (WCAA). These schools compete against one another, and other North American and Mexican universities. The list includes:

  • University of Texas (Midland, West Texas)
  • University of Lincoln (Lincoln)
  • University of Superior
  • Texas A&M University (College Station, eastern Texas)
  • Stephen F. Austin University (Nacogdoches, eastern Texas)
  • Pan American University (Edinburg, RGV)
  • Louisiana State University (Lafayette, Louisiana)
  • University of Louisiana (Monroe, Louisiana)
  • University of Hattiesburg (Hattiesburg)
  • Oklahoma State University (Stillwater, former Oklahoma)
  • Navajo College (Rainbow Bridge, Dinetah)
  • University of Hot Springs (Hot Springs, former Arkansas)
  • University of Arkansas (Fayetteville, former Arkansas)
  • Arkansas State University (Jonesboro, former Arkansas)

The Western Athletic Conference (WAC) consists of eight universities competing on the varsity level in the western North America nations of Utah, the United States, Victoria and provisional Canada. The schools are:

  • Brigham Young University (Provo, Utah)
  • University of Victoria (Victoria)
  • Colorado State University (Fort Collins, Colorado, USA)
  • University of Nebraska (Scottsbluff, Nebraska, USA)
  • University of Kootenai (Missoula, Kootenai, USA)
  • University of Montana (Billings, Montana, USA)
  • University of Wyoming (Laramie, Wyoming, USA)
  • University of Saskatchewan (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, USA)

There also is intercollegiate competition in the northeastern former United States, with most schools based in the Republic of Vermont. The seven founding schools of the Vermont Collegiate Athletic Association (VCAA) are:

  • Dartmouth University
  • University of Vermont
  • University of New Hampshire
  • Franklin Pierce College
  • Cornell University
  • University of Aroostook
  • Norwich University
  • University of Plymouth (which

Sentiment exists to rename the VCAA the Atlantic Collegiate Athletic Association (ACAA) for the 2012-13 school year.

Some universities from the United Communities began competition in the 2010-11 school year or will begin no later than 2012-13. They include:

  • The University of Toledo (Toledo Confederation)
  • Clarion University (North Pennsylvania)
  • Edinboro University (North Pennsylvania)
  • University of London (London, Ontario, known pre-DD as the University of Western Ontario)
  • Binghamton University (Binghamton)
  • Bowling Green University (Toledo Confederation)
  • State College University (State College, known pre-DD as Penn(sylvania) State University)