Alternative History


1895 - Calton Sword, the ancestor of the Storm family and founder of StormTech Global is born.

1910 - Calton Sword designs the Single/Double Action Semi Automatic Pistol Model 1910. This weapon is the basis for almost every magazine fed automatic sidearm made by the Humans of Earth.

1941 - In the finale in a series of policies introduced in a successful attempt to prevent any open hostility between the United States of North America and The Third Reich, Hitler renounces his support for Japan just weeks before the plans for the Pearl Harbor attacks are finalized by the Japanese and the attack is commenced. The USNA halts aid to Great Britain and the Commonwealth States (China still receives aid, and Australia abandons Britain in favour of America), and directs its entire war machine towards Japan after the Pearl Harbor Bombing.

1941 - Hitler's Occult Studies Group taps into a series of ley lines, and manages to access an alternate dimension. This is done via a long-term timed tear in the fabric of Space-Time. This rip will be hidden by the most elite and reliable agents of the OSG at the end of the war in 1947, and only in 2005 will it resurface when it cataclysmically "stretches" in The Change. In the mean time, it provides a source of Visiting Matter (which is refined into a simpler form which does not convert any matter at all, and rapidly degrades to keep its presence a secret. After 1947, the Rip is hidden, the Presences are set free, and Visiting Matter is replaced by Oil and UberWasser, an inferior synthetic substitute for Visiting Matter) for use in advanced Nazi technology, and a small number of Artifacts. In addition to this, a number of Presences are detected, sentient entities which appear to exist as pure psychic energy in this world. These beings quickly possess several unfortunate OSG investigators, and commence communications with the Nazis. For the most part, an agreement is reached and the Presences will aid the Nazis in return for life in this world. They are fairly much immortal, and today still they are hiding amongst society.

1943 - Hitler's war machine is greatly aided by the UberScience, and by the end of the year, Germany is fully defended against Allied bombers, and Moscow is within the sight of the advanced German Panzer (equipped with SturmPanther 2, SturmTiger2 tanks, WandernPanzer walking tanks, and the first power suits in the form of the SturmVolkPanzers outfitting the PanzerGrenadier infantry groups), Infantry (equipped with AutomatischGewehr Model 42s, guided anti-tank and anti-air, and Kevlar/titanium armour vests) and WandernPanzers. Commonwealth Forces in Africa are decimated, and the continent is abandoned apart from it's natural resources(food, oil, ore).

1947 - The Soviet Union is all but dissolved under the weight of the advanced Wehrmacht and the bombardment by German Atom Bombs. Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Hokkaido are vaporised by USNA Atom Bombs. Germans aid China in its assimilation of Japan and much of Central Asia, including Korea and Vietnam.

1959 - The Automatisch Gehwehr 59 (AG59) is introduced, along with its 5.56x45mm round, and spreads throughout South America and Asia. The Axiom AT31 is later cloned in 1971.

1960s - While the Nazi Third Reich and United States of North America are not in direct conflict, the People's Republic of China (occupying Japan and much of Malaysia) and the National Socialist Republic of North Vietnam Party (NSRVP) are developing tensions. While the People's Republic of China maintains its peace, the NSRVP delves into civil war Independent Democratic South Vietnam. While Nazis aid the NSRVP, they do not actively participate. Few advisors are sent. On the other hand, the USNA sends troops and supplies over to aid the IDSV against the NSRVP.

1965 - The Sword M15 5.56x45mm Auto Rifle is introduced, and spreads throughout American and American-Allied nations. The first variant is made out of aluminium and polymers, with iron sights built into a carrying handle and the front post. A gas piston allows for fully automatic fire, a feature extremely useful in the jungles of Vietnam.

1970s - The Steyr AUG is developed, along with the SA75 in occupied Britain.

1970 - After a brutal campaign in Vietnam, the US Government deploys the Atomic Mine against Nazi-backed forces. Vietnam is liberated, Nazi's deny involvement and the PRC continues to develop behind its closed borders. StormTech Inc is founded by R.S. Storm, a veteran US Marine.

1975-1980 - The rise of Counter Culture and an upstart generation combines with a severe economic downturn, which leads to the collapse of the Third Reich. It is replaced by the European Union, and the revitalized nation of Great Britain.

1990 - The Freedom League is formed, as an alliance between the EU, NeoBritain and USNA. It begins to act as the world police. The SAC90, PAT56, M15A2, FN P90, Hk MP7 and Picatinny Rails are developed and circulated.

1995-2000 - A decade of incessant warfare in Africa and the Middle East embraces the new millennium with bloodstained hands. The PAT56 AutoRifle, MIL9 handgun and the Picatinny Rails are introduced and circulated.

2000-2005 - The Freedom League begins peacekeeping outside of the First World Nations. The Entropy Axiom gains popularity and starts building up it's forces. A.J. Storm is wounded in Afghanistan and upon his return to the US, he inherits his fathers company: StormTech.

2005 - The Change occurs- (a really weird acid trip on a global scale) an unexplained incident which caused a number of "tears in the fabric of reality". A number of "Anomalies" appear: areas where the laws of physics have been altered. Most are temporary, but many of the larger Anomalies are permanent. Numerous artifacts of unknown origin also appeared throughout the world, many of which appear to alter the laws of physics. A mysterious substance, dubbed "Visiting Matter" is discovered all over the world. It possesses a number of unusual properties, mainly the ability to convert organic matter and certain minerals to more visiting matter. The conversion appears to generate low levels of radiation, and intense amounts of energy (thermal and kinetic) which is stored in the visiting matter itself.
At room temperature, a block of Visiting Matter will be around 140 degrees Celsius. It generates a quiet humming sound, as it vibrates.
It takes two hours for organic matter to begin transmuting
An average Visiting Matter field is around 2 meters by 0.5 meters, and weighs around three tons. Over the space of a year, it will assimilate 100 meters of surrounding terrain. The next year, it assimilates 200, the next, 300, the next, 400, etc.
Thankfully, many deposits of Visiting Matter are harvested and processed into a stabilised form which provides a cheap, reliable source of high power energy, known as Real Liquid (a powerful material similar to UberWasser). Real Liquid is the fuel source that powers the greatest invention ever by StormTech, indeed, ever in the 21st century: the Pulse Generator.

2010 - Technological advancement is accelerated thanks to many of the Anomalies, Artifacts and the Visiting Matter. However, the continuous appearance of Anomalies, Artifacts and Visiting Matter, keeps baffling scientists. Nevertheless, the Freedom League, and it's corporate sponsors leap at the opportunities provided by these bizarre events. Western Civilisation is revitalised, and a new golden age arrives. Space is beginning to be colonised, and flying cities start forming. Mutants, the Homo Millenius, spread through the world. The Homo Millenius Superior, or Human Plus, is a superpowered being, while the Homo Millenius Inferior is a degenerate, deformed and deranged sub human.
Throughout the Third World, which now includes a number of areas affected by The Change, the Entropy Axiom builds up speed. Recruits from Africa, India, America, Europe, The Middle East, Indonesia and China spread throughout the world alongside the tremendous refugee movements. Axiom cells are seeded throughout society. Numerous secret bases are constructed in nations backed by the Axiom.