Alternative History


  • Socialist Republic of Russia (main successor of USSR)

Great Powers[]

  • Socialist State of Japan
  • People's Democratic Republic of China
  • Republic of India
  • Socialist Republic of Norway
  • Socialist Democratic State of Nigeria

Reigonal Powers[]

East Asia and East Pacific Rim[]

  • Democratic Republic of Indonesia
  • Federated Socialist Republic of Vietnam

South Asia and Central Asia[]

  • Kazakh Socialist Democratic State
  • Islamic Socialist Republic of Iran

Middle East[]

  • Democratic State of Israel
  • Republic of Arabia (OTL Saudi Arabia)
  • Islamic Socialist Republic of Arabia (OTL UAE, Oman and Kuwait)

Arab North Africa[]

  • Islamic Arab Socialist Jamahiraya of the State of Great Libya
  • Socialist Democratic Republic of Algeria
  • Egyptian Democratic Socialist Republic

Sub-Saharan Africa[]

  • Socialist Republic of Kenya
  • Democratic State of Uganda
  • Democratic Socialist Republic of South Africa

Western Europe and North America[]

  • Democratic People's Transitional Republic of Britain