Inukai Takeru
イヌカイ タケル
Timeline: Cherry, Plum, and Chrysanthemum

Takeru inukai
Portrait of Inukai Takeru

Prime Minister of Japan
March 28, 1948 – January 22, 1950

Predecessor Konoe Fumimaro
Successor Nakano Seigo

Foreign Minister of Japan
August 8, 1946 – August 28, 1960

Predecessor Konoe Fumimaro
Successor Satō Eisaku

Foreign Minister of Japan
December 25, 1936 – August 8, 1937

Predecessor Inukai Tsuyoshi
Successor Konoe Fumimaro

First Secretary of Japanese Nationalist Party
February 29, 1953 – August 28, 1960

Predecessor Nakano Seigo
Successor Asanuma Inejirō

Member of the National Congress of Japan
February 16, 1932 – August 28, 1960

Constituency Kyoto At-large
Born July 28, 1896
Tokyo, Empire of Japan
Died August 28, 1960
Tokyo, Republic of Japan
Political Party Nationalist Party of Japan
Religion None
Profession Novelist; writer
Inukai Takeru (イヌカイ タケル; Inukai Takeru; Tokyo, July 28, 1896 – Tokyo, August 28, 1960) was a Japanese politician and novelist. Also known as Inukai Ken, he was the third son of famous Japanese politician, Inukai Tsuyoshi. He was famously known for serving as the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan before and after World War II, in the periods between 1935-37 and 1946-60. He also briefly held the office of Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Japan (equally to the office of Prime Minister), between 1948-50.
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