Alternative History

What if the US had included Iran in War on Terrorism?


On September 11, 2001 the US was hit by a terrorist attack. The US began preparing for the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan. The US also chose Iran because the US felt that Iran have something to do with the attacks to show there not to be messed with. So in 2003, the US invaded Iraq. The battles happen the same as in OTL. The veterans are replaced by fresh recruits. The veterans then began preparing for Operation Enduring Freedom - Iran. The objectives were 1.) take control of Islamic government, 2.) eliminate any terrorists, and 3.) secure a democrat government. So on June 4, 2004, Operation Enduring Freedom - Iran began.

US Invasion of Iran and the Israel War[]

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Russian and Chinese Response and The Second Cold War[]

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Channel 57 News[]

Channel 57 News reports things going on during these times.

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List of Nations and Organizations

Middle East Republic (Invasion Iran)

New Iraq (Invasion Iran)

Chinese Communist Empire (Invasion Iran)

List of Wars

Africa War (Invasion Iran)

Central America War (Invasion Iran)

Japan War (Invasion Iran)