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Portal page for the Invasion of Earth (1957) Timeline.

Invasion of Earth.[]

On July 4th, 1957, Moscow and Washington D.C are both destroyed by

Upshot-Knothole GRABLE

blinding lights, leading to both NATO and the Warsaw Pact to declare war and attack each other.

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World War 3, Mid 1957 to 1958.[]

With the attacks of Washington, on July 4th the U.S. drops bombs on western Russia, and NATO forces invade from West Germany into East Germany and quickly overrun the area, and meet Warsaw forces at the Polish border.

On July 15th, the Soviet Union launches a limited nuclear attack on the west coast of the U.S, via long range aircraft, attacking Seattle and Sacramento, and some military bases in Alaska. The Soviet Union then sends reinforcements into Poland.

The two armies meet at Gorzow, Poland. On July 23rd, NATO forces, despite heavy losses, win and continue to advance into central Poland.

On August 30th, the Soviet Union attacks targets in Paris, London, Rome, and Copenhagen. Escalation of the conflict, NATO

Paris Bomb 2

Paris in ruin.

calls upon Canadian and other central and southern forces to attack Russia from Alaska.

On September 2nd the attack begins. Russia then sends its army to beef up its eastern defences.

On September 6th the U.S. attacks much of Siberia with bomber aircraft. B-52's strike deep into Soviet territory causing considerable damage. By Oct 7th, NATO forces probe deep into the Soviet Union but by December the attacks are grinding to a halt as Russia's winter settles in.

On December 14th, the Soviet Union launches a major counteroffensive near Volgograd, and pushes NATO forces to the Soviet border. Again the Soviet Union launches bombers in another smaller scale nuclear attack in Central and Western Europe and in Canada, with many of the aircraft having to deliberately make one-way trips with no hope of being able to return home. NATO forces in Eastern Russia from January to May 1958 begin a destructive attack throughout causing heavy damage.

On April 7, 1958 the Soviets, Romanian and Hungarian forces invaded Poland, but NATO forces repelled them. On May 5th, NATO forces invade the western Soviet Union again. Throughout the summer NATO forces attack much of Russia.

On September 22nd, Russia launches its biggest nuclear strikes, this time aiming it at the eastern United States, again with most attacking aircraft lost due to insufficient range to return home.

By November both the U.S and the Soviet Union's homelands are heavily damaged.


On November 25th, NATO forces begin to attack St Petersburg, the provisional Soviet capital.

On December 3rd, while holding a siege of St Petersburg, the capital is finally captured by the NATO forces.

The Invasion of Earth, late 1957 to 1958.[]

On December 5 1957, flying saucers are seen over the capital cities of Great Britain, Toulouse, provisional capital of France, Italy, China, India, and the U.S. Not knowing what is happening, the world waits, but at 8:04, through all radios, a message is sent saying:

" Hello, Humans, we have been watching your planet since the fall of the nation you called Rome, and have seen nothing but the merciless death and destruction that you have put forth in all of your achievements. Now our planet has become desolate from a natural disaster, and yours is the only one available. Surrender or we will render your people extinct.  If it is a choice of the survival of your race or ours, we choose our own over yours!"

At 8:09, the saucers devastated the capital of the countries above, and then began to attack more cities. All NATO member countries recalled their armies to defend their homelands.

On January 6th, The Warsaw Pact declared a formal war on the invaders, as the Aliens have attacked Eastern Europe, devastating everything in their wake in a matter of weeks.

By February 10 1958, China and most of southern Asia have fallen, having exhausted their massive armies against the Aliens.

On February 26th, the Aliens attack Australia and Indonesia, as they quickly conquer them.

The World Counterattack Against the Aliens, early to mid 1958.[]

On March 4th, NATO launched massive ground and air attacks on the Aliens from Japan.

On March 5th, Aliens easily stopped this attack, and counterattack Japan. Despite very stiff Japanese resistance, the Aliens take the nation in a matter of weeks.

The Aliens then attack the Middle East, which they take over despite the stiffest resistance yet encountered by them.

On March 16th, the Soviet Union leads a major offensive into China, which proved ineffective as the Aliens defeated the Soviet's army and moved into Russian Siberia then moved into Alaska and Northern Canada.

On March 23rd, leaders of both NATO and Warsaw Pact begin to reluctantly devise a counter against the Aliens. The counter offensive strategy, including all the countries armies, attacking at once. The U.S and Soviet Union, to launch a massive nuclear strike on the Aliens then the combined forces of the World would invade from Western Russia and from Canada.

On April 1st, the Airstrike begins with the U.S, together with Soviet planes, and other conventional bombers of the world attack and destroy many flying saucers. Other nations begin counteroffensives on the ground against Alien-controlled territory.

Revelations, early 1958 to late 1960.[]

April 20th, 1958 US and Soviet scientists finally confirm what has long been suspected that the Aliens were behind the initial destruction of both Moscow and Washington D.C, causing the start of WW 3.

April 22nd, the leaders of both NATO and Warsaw Pact formally announce an end to their conflict with each other and pull back to their pre-war borders. They also pledge future co-operation in the war against the Aliens in recognition of their role in the start of WW 3. Also pledged but not publicly announced, is a plan to work together in post-war rebuilding and settling issues from WW 3, (at the diplomatic table), after the current Alien threat has been ended.

April 24th, Scientists and military leaders confirm that Alien numbers on earth are in a steady decline as war losses are not being good. This leads the various military leaders to begin planning for an "All in" style counterattack.

The beginning of the end, middle of 1961 to the middle of 1962.[]

'January to March 1961

Plans are formulated to stage a massed attack on what have been identified as command and control ships that hover above cities, but only over occupied territories, as none are seen elsewhere where fighting is still going on, suggesting that this is a weak spot.

Also, construction is started on a fallback plan. Not much is known about this plan except several caves (both natural and artificial) in both the USA and Soviet Union are being sealed with reinforced concrete with several small shafts leading to the surface.

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