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Iraqi Civil War (Scotland says "Yes")
Military intervention against ISIL
Timeline: Scotland says "Yes"

Iraqi Civil War (Scotland says "Yes")
Iraqi Civil War

Date June 2014 - Ongoing
Location Iraq, Syria
Result Major ISIL Territorial Gains

Thousands of refugees flee area Independent Kurdistan created


AQMI Flag asymmetric.svgISIL

30pxBa'ath Party Loyalists

Flag of Jihad.pngAnsar al-Islam

Flag of Jihad.pngMujahideen Army

Flag of Jihad.pngAnsar al-Sunnah


Flag of Iran.svgIran

Flag of Syria.svgSyria

Flag of Kurdistan.svgKurdistan

Flag of Russia.svgRussia

Flag of NATO.svgNATO (Airstrikes)


AQMI Flag asymmetric.svgAbu Bakr al-Baghdadi

AQMI Flag asymmetric.svgAbu Suleiman

20pxHaider Al-Abadi

Flag of Kurdistan.svgMasoud Barzani

Casualties and losses



The Iraqi Civil War is a conflict in the middle east. It originated as an insurgency which escalated to a war with the capture of Mosul and northern areas by the Isamic State of Iraq and the Levant, which firced the resignation of Prime Minister Nouri al-Currently many countries are partaking in Air Strikes. Additionaly, the war has indirectly lead to the creation of an independent Kurdistan.

The cause of Kurdistan came to greater public attention when the Peshmerga armed with Russian equipment such as 100 T- 72 and 80 2A65- Msta- B on the 8th March 2016 launched a major assault and retook Tal Afar from ISIS and then march right into the outer defences of Mosul and managed to encircle the city and are currently while besieging the city encountering heavy attacks from ISIS counter attacks although remain a grip on the city. By April Mosul was liberated, and ISIL was pushed to the border of Iraqi Kurdistan.