Alternative History

In our timeline, Ireland doesn't exactly help the British out. The British help themselves, and occasionally, they get help from others when things go horribly wrong. The United States is a global world power, and educational kids television is not the most popular thing in the world. But what if Ireland had wanted to help the British during the War of 1812, and wanted to be a power just like Britain? And what if the Confederate States asked for help during the Civil War?

NOTE: This is the alternate timeline used in the SMBX Episode called "SMBX: Around the World". You can check out the development of the project here. The episode is not directly part of the timeline; it merely tries to follow the timeline itself.

Point of Divergences


It is 1812. The Irish agree to peace with the British, and the two will help each other. The two agree in the Treaty of Dublin signed by Great Britain and Ireland within the U.K, and so, many more Irish troops are sent to help Britain and Canada defeat the USA. Although despite this, no one really won the war. The USA didn't. Britain didn't. Canada didn't. Instead, the Treaty of Ghent was still signed as in OTL. Ireland gains independence in 1870.


In the First American Civil War, the Confederate States asks for help in trying to defeat the Union. They ask all sorts of countries, including Russia, France, Spain, and Britain. After failing to get support or even simple recognition, they try to turn Ireland against Britain

Major differences

  • Ireland is allied with Great Britain. (most obvious difference)
  • Speaking of them, Great Britain consists of England, Scotland, and Wales - and them only.
  • Canada is very large, and is the most well-known country on the planet.
  • There are a whopping four countries in Africa (five before 2016): Egypt, Uganda, Madagascar, and the African Union (and Nigeria, again, before 2016).
  • Czechoslovakia is still united.
  • Canada owns overseas land: Israel (joined by request), and the Arab Territory.
  • China hasn't been communist since 1961.
  • Educational kids' television is the norm.
  • The Corporation for Public Broadcasting is international, rather than US only - ditto with the Independent Broadcasting Association, but not Britain only.
  • Speaking of the US, it was a dictatorship in this timeline, and was turned into the Republic of Viacom.
  • 1991 was a very eventful year.


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World map of Irish and British Alliance timeline since 2016. Brown-red borders indicate brick walls.