Flag of the Iroquois Confederacy
Official languages English, Seneca, Cayuga, Onondaga, Oneida, Mohawk
Capital Seneca Bay (Irondequoit Bay)
Largest Metro Seneca Bay
Population 207,000
Currency New England Dollar (NED)
Our Timeline Equivalent Northern Finger Lakes region of New York

Iroqois (native name "Haudenosaunee") is a nation north of New York, New England. It used to be part of New York Province, but declared independence in the 1980s. Since its independence, it has been embroiled in various disputes, from its claim as the official "Iroquois" nation - a title that many New York Iroquois say they shouldn't have a monopoly on - to its failed merger with the Canadian Confederation of States in the early 1990s, which deeply offended New England. A more recent development is its desire to give up on the "compact of free association" with New England and develop its own military. Since independence, average income has dropped. Currently, support for the government among its populace is at an all-time low, and some Iroquoian journalists have started calling their country a failed state.


Notes for writing history:

  • Iroquois is a brash nation
  • It was formed (peacefully) by secessionists who looked at the Canadian model, but its citizens were not all on board. 66.9% of the people voted in favor of the secession, whereas 2/3rds was the minimum required.
  • It failed to join the Canadian Confederation, both because Canada would not let it in, and because of pressure from New England
  • The Iroquois leadership wants the country to be self-sustainable, but its small population and lack of good leadership has not let this happen.
  • The Iroquois on the other side of the border (in New York) feel betrayed, and think that Iroquois is radical
  • The population is continuing to shrink, and there is "white flight" and many Iroquoians are crossing the border back into New York.
  • Iroquois is a democracy, but its approval is at an all-time low



41% Vegetarian
32% Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian
05% Lacto Vegetarian
04% Vegan Vegetarian

Ethnic Groups

73% Iroquois
19% European
07% mixed ancestry
01% others


36% Christian
29% Nonreligious
19% atheist
10% agnostic
27% Cathar
08% other


26% Seneca
24% English
15% Onondaga
13% Cayuga
11% Oneida
10% Mohawk
01% others

Note: Many people are bilingual or even trilingual. Approximately 85% can speak English.

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