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Islamic Invasion of Gaul'
Saracen Jihad
Date 719-759
Location Southern Gaul
Umayyad Flag Umayyad Caliphate
  • Al-Andalus
Kingdom of the Franks
  • Duchy of Aquitaine

Kingdom of the Lombards


  • Septimania
Commanders and leaders
Umayyad Flag Al-Samh ibn Malik al-Khawlani †

Umayyad Flag Abdul Rahman Al Ghafiqi
Umayyad Flag Yusuf ibn 'Abd al-Rahman al-Fihri

Odo of Aquitaine

Pépin le Bref

Ardo †

Toulouse (721) • River Garonne (732) • Tours (732)

The ‘’’Islamic Invasion of Gaul’’’ refers to a series of military offenses into the region of Gaul, launched by Islamic forces in Hispania during the eighth century. During the invasion Muslim forces conquered the last remnants of the Visigothic Kingdom in Septimania, which had been all but eliminated during the first phase of the Umayyad Conquest of Hispania, before being stopped at the Toulouse in 721.

Despite their defeat at Toulouse, Muslims forces would often raid southern Gaul, targeting such cities as Avignon, Lyon, and Autun. This culminated in the 732 Battle of Tours, in which Muslim forces under the command of Abdul Rahman Al Ghafiqi decisively defeated Charles of the Franks, going on to loot the city of Tours and plunder the Basilica of Saint-Martin-de-Tours.

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