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Founded: 1948

Base: Jerusalem

Budget: $30.25 billion

Active troops: 280,300 in 30 divisions.

Reserves: 486,000

Artillery: 1,066 SPG's (

Tanks: 4,590 Ben-Gurion class Main Battle Tanks ( A 4th generation tank will begin construction in January 2019 (

Planes: 2,366 including 484 modified F-16's ( and 400 new domestic Lavi-7 fighters (

Navy: 67 warships, and the flagship is the (first of its kind) drone carrier, the Ben-Gurion (, and other ships include 5 destroyers ( and 18 heavy frigates ( The rest of the warships are mostly missile boats ( and corvettes (, with there also being 4 submarines (

It often does exercises with its allies, like Russia.

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