Alternative History



  • Hezbollah rockets hit Israeli settlements, while anti-tank missiles hit Israeli humvees. The Second Lebanon War begins.


  • Israeli and Lebanon trade rockets for the better part of the month, all together killing around 170 people, including 40 soldiers.


  • In response to the fighting, UN officials talk with Lebanon and Israel leaders. Both sides agree that fighting will continue.
  • An Israeli force of 8,000 crosses the border into Lebanon and storms the city of Bint Jubayl.
  • On the 27th, Jamarr Haltz takes power as a self-proclaimed dictator.


  • Israeli tanks cross into Lebanon and continue fighting with the desperate Hezbollah soldiers.
  • Haltz announces the use of Nuclear weapons if the fighting continues into January of next year.


  • UN peacemakers fail to stop the war.
  • Hours after Israeli forces surround the city of Beirut, Lebanon surrenders- all of their land is given to Israel for protection.
  • Haltz announces his conquest of the Middle East.


  • Israeli forces cross into Jordan.
  • Jordan and Syria declare war on Israel.
  • Saudi Arabia joins Israel and begins attacking Jordan.



  • Haltz orders the launch of three nuclear weapons against Jordan's capital- the city is decimated and Jordan quickly falls throughout the rest of the month.
  • Saudi-Israeli tanks smash Syrian defenses and begin attacking the cities of Damascus and Hims.
  • UN peacekeepers begin sending rations, supplies and ammo to Syrian troops.


  • After taking the city of Damascus, Syria surrenders.
  • Saudi Arabia attacks Kuwait. The country falls by the 21st.
  • Turkey becomes wary of Israel and deploy troops to their borders.
  • Israel, after it's string of victories in the west Middle East, begins attacking Iraqi Loyalists- US troops are caught in the crossfire, killing 16 and wounding 34.
  • The United States joins the war with Iraq.


  • Israel announces the creation of the Middle Eastern Pact- containing Israel, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Oman compose the alliance. Later in the month, the United States declares the joint combination into the alliance called the National Middle East Alliance, composing of the United States, Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • Haltz begins a massive recruitment campaign in the conquered countries of Jordan, Lebanon and Syria to receive an army powerful enough to challenge the National Middle Eastern Alliance.


  • Iranian, Iraqi and American soldiers charge Israeli troops at Al Rutbah, while American Airborne troops airdrop twenty minutes earlier. A fierce skirmish begins as Israeli forces attempt to reinforce their positions. Iranian tanks finish the attack. Shortly after the skirmish Iraq and American soldiers attack countless Israeli outposts in the vicinity.
  • Saudi Arabian generals, in retaliation to the loss at Al Rutbah, launch a full Military campaign called "Operation: هجوم مشترك", meaning "Joint Attack" in Arabic. Arabian tanks begin to cross the border into Turkey, but veteran and prepared Turkish defenders lose little ground. Iranian battalions depart their bases and head toward Turkey to stop the invasion.