Alternative History

This war was also known as the 1 week war (from Sunday), and it was a very short one. This war happened because Czar Herod of Russia feared the British Empire expansion and wanted to stop that. Herod decided to seize the port of Istanbul to stop British expansion.

First Day to Third Day- Battle of Marmara[]

In 5 days, a fleet of warships arrived, and what made the war short is that the British had stored mine bombs underwater which explodes when enemies are coming. Soon, the entire fleet was almost destroyed, and the British gone to the other side to attack the city. The reason this is the Battle of Marmara because warships were on the sea of it. British warships had an huge explosive, and the fleet pretended to retreat, then, the mine exploded. The Battle was over.

Fourth Day to Sixth Day- Battle of Athens[]

Not all of the warships were destroyed. A few escaped somewhere, and camped at a beach. Herod was sending a fleet of aircraft to not bomb buildings, but to deliver soldiers, artillery, and supplies to the camp. British spies knew their plan and attacked their base. Planes started to drop bombs in Athens. This lasted 2 days, but not succeeded.

Last Day- Battle of London[]

Russian troops went to London and started bombing on it. Special machine guns helped them to destroy planes. Soon, the Russians surrendered.

The reason why it is called the Istanbul war because that it was named after the first battle. 100,000 people were killed.

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