Alleanza Peninsulare Italiana
Flag of Italy.svg
Flag of the Italian Alliance
Formation January 2, 2010
Type Military, Economic Alliance
Headquarters San Marino
Membership Genoa, San Marino, Venice, Tuscany, Alpine Confederation
Chairman Marco Conti

The Italian Peninsula Alliance is a military and economic alliance between the nations of Genoa, San Marino, Tuscany, the Alpine Confederation and Venice. It was formed on January 2, 2010.



Since the expansion of Sicily, many Italian successor states have been harassed, threatened, and physically attacked by the "Mafia State". Three of these nations - Genoa, Monaco and Tuscany - decided to unite their resources, following discussions in the Alpine Confederation, in order to combat the Sicilians and to provide aid, bring peace, and create stable governments for other nation states. Monaco would later withdraw, and San Marino volunteered to join in their place, which was accepted by the other two.

On January 2, 2010, following the start of the Second Sicily War and the weakening of the Sicilian defenses, the three national leaders signed the Italian Peninsula Alliance. Approving of the proposed alliance, the Alpine Confederation requested to join, along with their protectorate Venice. Genoa, San Marino and Tuscany emphatically agreed, feeling the addition of the northern powerhouse to the alliance would be a major boon, and its backing a major boost overall.

In February of 2010, after the Confederation and Venice had moved volunteers from the north and the Venetian military to the front lines, the IPA attacked the Sicilians. While not as much headway as hoped, by the end of the war they had managed to force the Sicilians back to a rough line running across the peninsula through the cities of Montalto di Castro, Corciano, Fabriano, and Osimo. Genoan marines also managed to liberate the Tuscan islands, free the main settlement of New Rome behind the Sicilian lines, and aid in the liberation of Sardinia. A Alpine-policed neutral zone has been installed along the front lines, and the IPA membership has been given control of a mandate for Sardinia, with Corsica to be aiding them in small amounts.

Current Situation

The IPA has a close relationship with ADC, thanks to the membership of the Alpine Confederation. Membership in the ADC is also a goal that the members of the IPA generally strive for.

They have also finished fighting in the Second Sicily War with the ADC, freeing parts of Italy, expanding their territories, liberating Southern Tuscany, and were also given a mandate over Sardinia. Territories not claimed outright by either Tuscany or San Marino have been divided up into zones of occupation, and what to do with these will be decided in the future, though squabbling is expected.

The distribution of aid, reparation of electrical and watered services, creation of an armed forces, and evacuation for those not willing to stay in New Rome has also been a major motive, especially now that they have freed it.

It is known that the Federation of Greece would be willing to join in some capacity, but the Italian powers are unwilling to do such a offensive move to Sicily at this time, even after the end of the Second Sicily War.



Tuscany provides munitions, dried foods, and fuel, San Marino provides strategics, organization of supplies, and paper goods, while Venice and Genoa provide naval equipment. The Alpine Confederation aids the members in most respects.

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