Kingdom of Italy
Regno d'Italia
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Flag Kingdom of Italy Coat of arms of Italy (Myomi Republic)
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
Language Italian
Government Constitutional monarchy under a Fascist one-party totalitarian dictatorship
  legislature Parliament
King Vittorio Emanuele III
Duce Benito Mussolini
Area area km²
Population 30,234,00 
Currency currency

The Kingdom of Italy (Italian: Regno d'Italia) is a european country located on the Italian Penisula.It is considered a part of west Europe but also of south-central Europe.It shares land borders with the Danubian Federation,France,Switzerland,´and the enclaved microstates of San Marino and the Vatican City.


Defeat in the great war

Following their defeat at the Battle of Capporeto,The italian army withdrew to Vittorio Veneto were they prepared for a final stand. On the 24 October 1918,the battle of Vittorio Veneto commenced,the italian army fought bravely but eventuelly their lines were breached by the fresh arrival of the 6th Danubian army,which had been freed from its work in UkraiFollowing this disattrues defeat and wishing to prevent Rome from being looted,the prime ministed declared Rome an open city and on the 10 november Danubian troops marched into Rome.After this a armistice between the central powers and Italy was signed which gave the central powers military acess to all of Italy,This would prove crucial for the succesful german spring offensive in 1918,in which german and danubian troops succeively broke through the french lines and captured Paris.

During the time when the treaty of Strasbourg was negotiated,The danubians signed a separate peace treaty with italy called the treaty of Milan.This treaty made italy cede all of ventia and Lombardy to the Danubian federation,Italian eritrea to Ethiopia and italian Somalia to the sultanate of Somalia.The loss of both Venice and Milan led to the italian economic crisis in 1920 and eventuelly to the rise of Mussolina and his subsequent march on Rome in 1921.


Following Mussolinis march on rome in 1921,and his subsequent dismissal of any pretence of democracy in 1923,Italy was transformed into a one party state with Mussolini as its Duce.It was during this time that the rise of Italian Irredentism was starting to rise,with italy making a myriad of claims on territories they claimed belonged to them.Italy also underwent a rapid militarization and in 1929 signed the treaty of Rome,in which the Latin alliance was established between France and Italy,in an effort to combat the Mitteleurope alliance of German.


The armed forces of the Kingdom of Italy is composed of three branches.

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