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Kingdom of Italy
Timeline: Night of the Living Alternate History (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: Italy
Flag Coat of Arms
Italian Coat of Arms

"L'Italia è una monarchia democratica, fondata sul lavoro"
("Italy is a democratic monarchy, founded on labor")

Anthem "Il Canto degli Italiani"
Capital Nova Roma
Largest city Rome
Other cities Naples
Language Italian
Ethnic Group Italian
Demonym Italian
Government Unitary parliamentary constitutional republic
Independence from  Republic of Italy
Currency Lira
Organizations  Pact of Diamond, ULN, UCO

This nation has been disbanded after being defeated by operation: Nero forces in 1990.75.



Italy was the first nation to be attacked by the Zombie apocalypse. During the Zombie sacking of Rome, Umberto II was able to defend Rome with hired mercenaries for enough time for the people to escape to Naples. When in Naples the people declared him the king of Italy.

Armed Forces

The Kingdom currently has four branches the Regia Marina, the Regio Esercito, the Regia Aeronautica, and finally the Praetorian guard.

Regia Aeronautica

The New rundle for the air force since all the old one were Fascist

The air force is good but not famous. It is known for bombing to kill the Zombies. The air force has a Phlanx bomber to cure Zombies and Phlanx Gas. The planes are okay quality with Kingdom Computers inside them so it has the most technologically advanced insides.

Regio Eserctio

The Army is very advanced because of the terrorist bombings that made a draft go into effect. The score is 1.50, good for a developing nation. The army is very well trained and fought because Italy was invaded first so almost all men have some prior military service. Every man must serve in the army for one year or be in the reserve for five years. The camps are famous for their prodiginess. The hart of the Italians to fight has never been harder.

Regia Marina

The Kingdom has a plan to turn Italy into a naval superpower. The navy is coming up with a new type of naval warfare that has not been used science the 1800s. It is to begin the style of boarding ships with special types of boats. The Kingdom does not have that many ships, but they are very high quality. The ships have done a great job in blockading Venice where the bombings are taking place.

Praetorian Guard

The Praetorian guard plays a CIA, special forces and marines-like roll in the Kingdom.


Pact of Diamond


Vegas (Might Sign)

Columbia (Might Sign)

Close allies