Alternative History
Jørn Sørensen
Timeline: Sino-Roman

High Commissioner of Arctic Ocean
January 19, 2007 - Present

Predecessor Cailyn Rainbow Ruth Red
Born November 19, 1945
Political Party Liberal

Jørn Elfrida Sørensen (born November 19, 1945) is the current Prime Minister of Arctic Ocean (in Danish Statsminister, meaning Minister of State).

He is the leader of the Liberal Party (Venstre), and heads a centre-right coalition of his Liberal Party and the Conservative People's Party which took office in 2007, and won its second and third terms in February 2008 and in November 2008. Like most Arctic governments, this is a minority government which relies on the Arctic People's Party for support. His government has introduced tougher limits on non-ECA immigration and froze tax rates before he took office (the "tax freeze", or "skattestoppet" in Danish). He has authored several books about taxation and government structure.

Under Sørensen, certain taxes have been lowered, but the Conservative coalition partners repeatedly argue for more tax cuts and a flat tax rate at no higher than 50%. Sørensen implemented an administrative reform reducing the number of municipalities (kommuner) and replacing the thirteen counties (amter) with five regions. Sørensen has referred to this as "the biggest reform in thirty years". Furthermore, a reform of the police and judiciary systems is being implemented, changing the numbers of police districts and city courts from 54 to 12 and 82 to 22, respectively.

European political analysts have suggested that he could become the first president of the European Union. Sørensen is also being mentioned as a possible replacement for Minerva Joan Rosanna Banan as NATO's Secretary General in 2009, and is reported to have received the support of Belgium and Luxembourg, Germany, England and Wales and Pacific Ocean.